Friday, April 18, 2003

Saw OK Go, The Donnas, Whitelight Motorcade, and The Kicks last night (Wednesday). The Donnas were good for a novelty band (that is to say they played all of their songs well), The Kicks were adequate (which is better than a lot of bands I've seen), and Whitelight Motorcade was a pleasant surprise. Talked to Harley from WLM and he was nice enough for a guy that was ripping off Butch Walker.. but I'm pretty nice too, and I try to rip Butch off as much as possible, so that's ok with me.
OK Go was of course the highlight of the evening and my entire reason for being there. Met 3/5 of the band (Damian, Tim, and someone who's name I don't know) after the show.
Tim was tiny. I was shocked.
Damian was really nice. Also he was pretty.
I asked him if he wanted to sign my dollar, and he said, "Oh yeah, I'd love to." in a very sincere way followed by asking me, "Want to sign my e-mail list?"
I said "I'd love to."
(Note: I left my OK Go dollar in the car, or I'd show it to you. I'll try to remember to scan it tomorrow.)
Memories from OK Go's set:
1) Damian flipping out to an extreme I've never seen someone flip out during a show over his guitar coming unplugged during the first song. You could hear him screaming "WTF" at one of the tech guys over the rest of the band continuing to play the song. The guy was like 2 feet away from him at the time. It was pretty crazy. Even crazier was how light hearted and easy going he seemed for the rest of the show after the problem was taken care of. Even more so with the niceness after the show.
2) They played "Oliver's Army". It was rad. Real rad.
3) The backing vox were very, very impressive, but I didn't really expect any less.
4) The played a song I'm going to call "This is not the sound of a train" that was almost performance art in it's execution. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I also met some kids at the show who were all great. I don't recall all of their names, but those I did remember were Dustin, Randi, April, and Amy. If you are one of these kids and you see this, please get in touch with me.

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