Friday, September 14, 2007

All my love tonight..

Still feel terrible.
My thanks to those of you who commented about things. Be sure to check out the responses since it took me a good minute to get back to everyone.

My thanks also to Patrick Gleason who as far as I'm concerned is one of the finest pencillers in comics today.
Why am I thanking him?
Well, besides drawing the best Aquaman ever, he told me he was digging my blog.
That's awesome to hear.
I'm accepting that as an early birthday present from him even if that wasn't his intention.

If anyone would like to get me something but isn't sure what to get me Ducktales, Talespin, and Gummi Bears (aka The Disney Afternoon) are all out on DVD now... and I don't have any of them.
I'm just saying.
I do have the first season of Darkwing Duck though.
It's awesome.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Devastated by the news...

I'm sick.
I'm stuck at work.
I feel terrible.
No art today.
But, there is this..

All Star Superman figure

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Walking out on you again..

The Flash goes for a jog.
There are 2 notes on this picture if clicked upon.

Dedicated especially to Sean.
This is one of my self-rejected Flash redesigns for Project Rooftop.
This is based completely (as far as the pose, attire, and attitude go) on a guy I saw jogging by the coffee shop I was in working on Flash redesigns.
100% true story.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cosmic Boy by Mike Wieringo!

Cosmic Boy by Mike Wieringo
This is a sketch of
Cosmic Boy as drawn by Mike Wieringo that I am very proud to own.
It is completely awesome.

It was the start of the summer..

April has updated her blahg again.
Feel free to peruse it.

The universal and resounding indifference my Kid Flash redesign was met with has me both puzzled and pensive.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nothing could go wrong.

Sometimes life feels unbearable.
Inescapable and undefeatable.

Then, sometimes, every once in a great while, life goes out of it's way to show you indisputably that it can be wonderful and beautiful and magical.

Sometimes you have to take the little good things as they come when you can get them, but then they start to add up.

I step outside to come to work and it's not unbearably hot.
I check
Joel's site and he has Metamorpho hanging out with Hal Jordan and Stephanie Brown.
Iron Man trailer is awesome.
I read a synopsis of the (rumored) plot for the next Superman movie along with the (rumored) news that the pitch for it Bryan Singer and company has everyone very, very excited. I am part of that everyone.
As I'm driving through a retail center near where I work, I see several little birds splashing around in the little puddles of water in the parking lot. I don't even like birds, and it was absolutely adorable. I don't know if birds can have fun, but if they can, it definitely seemed like these birds were. Hopping and splashing and shaking and chirping.
I go to Taco Bell for lunch and the girl taking my order is incredibly courteous and professional even though she's working the drive-thru at Taco Bell.. in Memphis.
As I'm exiting the drive-thru, for whatever reason, I look in the windows of Taco Bell.
I see this adorable blond-headed little boy who's probably only 2 or 3 eating with his mom.
It looks like he's wearing a shirt that's red in the back and blue in the front.
Wait, that's not the back of the shirt that's red.
That's a cape.
Then he stands up in his chair suddenly for some reason.
That's an S.

Like I said, sometimes life decides to go the other way and give you some hope.

I can't stand it..

Iron Man Triumphant!
Photo provided by me. Minimates for photo also provided by me.
the trailer for Iron Man is finally available to all of those who didn't see it on the Con circuit.
Though I attended SDCC, I didn't get to see it because the only panel I attended was the Episodic Gaming panel.. thank you very much, Curt.

Anyway, the trailer. Wow.
I never would have guessed in a million years this was a movie anyone would be able to pull off well, but all signs point to awesome if this trailer is any indication.
Of course, I know a 90 sec trailer and a 90 minute movie leaves a lot of room to screw the proverbial pooch, but as far as trailers go this one has me on board as much as any I can remember in recent memory has.

Well played, Favreau, well played.