Friday, January 12, 2007

2-Minute Music Review

Some of you may have been coming here long enough to remember when I used to write these.
I've decided to bring it back, albeit in a slightly more thorough fashion.
You can thank me later.

SLOAN "Never Hear The End Of It"
2-Minute Music Review by chrishaley!

Who's this for? : Imagine if Weezer had gotten together in '91 instead of '94, were four guys from Canada that could all write good tunes and sing, and had grown and gotten better with each successive album instead of worse. If that sounds good, you're in the right place. Later Beatles mixed with the best of 70s hook-rock and the honesty and sincerity of early R.E.M.

How Crescent Fresh? : Pretty "Super Cres" (or 9 out of 10)

Thoughts : 30 songs. No kidding. I hesitate to call this album an epic, but I think it's very safe to call it grand. In scope, subject, and execution. Songs range from less than a minute to almost six minutes and from mildly trippy to sincerely sappy, from a star-gazing lilt to daylight punk-esque. If you don't like a song on this album, just wait two minutes and you'll probably hear something completely different. One of the band's greatest strengths is the variance in their vision that comes from having four equally contributing singer/songwriters. This album was designed to be listened to straight through, and you'll enjoy the individual songs more later if you do listen to it from start to finish a few times. Obviously an experimental album for the band, but an experiment that succeeds with far more hits than misses.

Highlights : Depends on your mood.
Upbeat - "Set In Motion", "Blackout", "Can't You Figure It Out?", "Will I Belong?", "Another Way To Do It", "I Understand"
Mellow - "Even Though" (downloadable bonus track), "Love Is All Around", "Everybody Wants You", "Light Years", "Last Time In Love", "I Know You"
You must listen to - "Fading Into Obscurity", "Who Taught You To Live Like That?"

Memorable lines : "ana lucia, you're the belle of the ball, you really don't owe me that much, and i really don't know you at all"

"we can make it like we never met, keep in mind that you'll never hear the end of it.."
"sounds a bit offside, judgin' who just died, who'll be the first to speak?
the piano was upright, attendants were uptight, countin' the days of the weak
but 'round about midnight, your comments were highlights, the party spilled into the street"

Yes or no? : If you can find it, and you like good music, you should definitely buy this album.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The same music meme.. only different..

In honor of the new Sloan album that came out yesterday, I wanted to do this music meme again using only my Sloan playlist.
Let's see what happens...

Opening Credits: Median Strip
Waking Up: The Good in Everyone
First Day At School: Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
Falling In Love: Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore
Fight Song: Hollow Head
Breaking Up: I Wanna Thank You
Prom: I Understand
Life's OK: Waiting For Slow Songs
Mental Breakdown: I've Gotta Try

Driving: Two Seater
Flashback: Someone I Can Be True With
Getting Back Together: A Long Time Coming
Wedding: Worried Now
Amazing Hot Sex Porno Scene: Never Seeing the Ground for the Sky

Birth of Child: Bells On
Final Battle: The N.S.
Death Scene: Fade Away
Funeral Song: People of the Sky
End Credits: Seems So Heavy

That seems like a pretty good little soundtrack. I have to say, I like it a lot better than the other one.

2006 at the Movies.

So I thought I'd compile a list (for my own record if no one else's interest) of all the 2006 movies I saw or wanted to see but didn't.
After I compile this list, I'll probably do another entry later with my thoughts on these movies or a Top 10 list or some such.

Movies I Saw
V For Vendetta
An American Haunting
The DaVinci Code
X-Men 3
Superman Returns
Clerks 2
Monster House
The Descent
Jackass 2
The Departed
Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning
Casino Royale
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
Rocky Balboa
Night Watch
Who Killed the Electric Car?

The Protector

Movies I Wanted/Still Want To See
Underworld : Evolution
Curious George
Thank You For Smoking
American Dreamz
Silent Hill
Art School Confidential
Mission Impossible 3
Over the Hedge
The Omen
A Prairie Home Companion
Nacho Libre
Lady in the Water
Little Miss Sunshine
Miami Vice
Talladega Nights
The Illusionist
The Black Dahlia
Everyone's Hero
All the King's Men
The Last King of Scotland
The Queen
Man of the Year
The Grudge 2
The Marine
One Night With The King
The Prestige
Stranger Than Fiction
For Your Consideration
Happy Feet
The Fountain
Blood Diamond
The Good Shepherd
Children of Men
Death of a President
An Inconvenient Truth
Jesus Camp
Night of the Living Dead 3D
The Notorious Bettie Page
A Scanner Darkly
Strangers With Candy
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
This Film Is Not Yet Rated
The U.S. Versus John Lennon

So obviously, I missed more movies than I saw.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A music meme..

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: "Blessed Be The Guy That Bonds (McBain End Credits)" - The Simpsons
Waking Up: "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas" - Johnny Mathis
First Day At School: "The Flame of Youth' - Dragonforce
Falling In Love: "One Brother" - Andrew WK (a song about not falling in love... weird)
Fight Song: "Let It Rain" - Ok Go
Breaking Up: "Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll" - KISS
Prom: "We Win (Ha Ha)" - Thunderbirds Are Now!
Life's OK: "A Touch of Evil" - Judas Priest
Mental Breakdown: "Septopus Theme" - Brendon Small
Driving: "Heroes" - Kasabian
Flashback: "Blue Highway" - Billy Idol
Getting Back Together: "So Beyond Me" - Sloan
Wedding: "Garbage" - Nuno Bettencourt
Amazing Hot Sex Porno Scene: "Grief Hammer" - The Darkness

Birth of Child: "10538 Overture" - Def Leppard
Final Battle: "Desecration Smile" - RHCP
Death Scene: "I'll Be Home For Christmas" - Elvis
Funeral Song: "I Am Hell" - White Zombie
End Credits: "Love Burns" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Never Hear the End of It.

The new Sloan album should be in a store somewhere near you today.

I'd recommend finding it, and buying it.
I'd highly recommend doing that.
I mean, it's what I plan to do.