Thursday, November 22, 2007

Take out your cell phones..

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Now on to important matters.

August 9, 1999.
An evening I'll never forget.

November 19, 2007.
The Second Coming.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thriller - The Indian Version

I'm sure you've already seen this, but I got it stuck in my head today, so I needed to post it to exorcise it.

Now with English lyrics!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Until you kiss me...

The Weekly Crisis has a great piece up on Michael Turner and his fear of feet. Enjoy it as I did.

Also, in case you missed it, last week was the Best Week Ever for comics.
All Star Superman and Scott Pilgrim.

In the same week.
Tons of other great stuff, but really, those two are all I need to mention for you to understand how great it was. If I were a better artist I'd try to draw a picture of the two of them together. They'd probably be high-fiving or something similarly awesome. (Author's note : If you're a great artist and you just read that, you've just read my Christmas wishlist.)

Oh, speaking of awesome Superman team-ups, check out what
Jon Morris drew for me!
Superman and Devil Dinosaur!
He said it was the weirdest request he'd ever received and there was no way he could turn it down. I win.

Rich tells us DC is killing Bruce Wayne, having him come back as a New God in the Fifth World, and be replaced as Batman by Jason Todd as designed by Alex Ross.
That sentence was so insane it could only have come from the mind of Grant Morrison.
And since this is apparently all part of Grant's masterplan, I'm willing to trust him and not get angry with rage over the idea of them killing Batman.
Good luck with the rest of the fanboys though, Grant.

For fun..

The Brothers Grinn.
One of my all time favorite pictures from the good ol' days.

Note to self : It's almost Thanksgiving, do not get sick.
Note to self #2 : I think I want to write a song or title an album "Jealous of Cereal" as that's a good name for a song or an album. (The center of the universe is planet Jealous of Cereal. Wow, who'll get that one?)

I stole this from
The Ballroom Scientist.
My answers aren't nearly as fun as his, and for that, you have my apologies.

Put your iTunes on shuffle and see what your life's soundtrack is! No cheating!

-My deepest secret is: "One Man Army" by Our Lady Peace

-My favorite thing to do is: "Feeling Like I Do" by Superdrag

-High school was like: "World Inside the World" by Rhett Miller

-How will you die? "Classico" by Tenacious D

-My family is described by the song: "Another Way I Could Do It" by Sloan

-If I got lost on a desert island, I would yell: "Pick It Up and Dial It" by Sloan

-My last words will be: "Evil Woman" by E.L.O.

-My friends see me as: "Big Chair" by Travis

-What I did did last night was: "Slices of You" by Electric Six

-This song will be playing when I meet the love of my life: "Fabulous People" by Electric Six

-When I'm drunk I say: "Won't Back Down" by Fuel (That's right, from the Daredevil Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.)

-At my funeral they'll play: "Badhead" by Blur

-Somewhere in my wedding vows, I will include: "Withered Hope" by They Might Be Giants

-My ultimate song for dancing is: "Still Ill" as covered by Barenaked Ladies

-The story of my life is: "13" by They Might Be Giants

-At my wedding they'll play: "I Know You Well" by Fountains of Wayne

-My birth was like: "Sidewinder" by Avenged Sevenfold

-My theme song: "Meet Me Down on Main Street" from a CD of music from the Disney parks

-My message to the world has always been: "Dethharmonic" by Dethklok (I want to keep my money and give away absolutely nothing to the government..)

-If I reached the top of Mount Everest, what I would scream: "Big Sky" as covered by Elliott Smith

-Will I ever have kids? "Can't You Figure It Out?" by Sloan

-To cheer myself up I: "The N.S." (Live on CBC Radio 3) by Sloan (This song really does cheer me up.)

-My make-out song is: "Infected Girls" by Electric Six (Yes!)

-This song describes my grandparents: "Crying Shame" by Muse (That's a little depressing.)

-My love of life was inspired by the song: "Skip to the End" by The Futureheads (Talk about appropriate.)

-The best thing about me is: "Evilangelist" by Extreme (Cue maniacal laughter.)

-My day will be like: "Took Out a Loan" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Ruh-roh.)

-My best friend is like: "Katamari Love ~ Ending Theme" by Yohihito Yano & Shigeru Matsuza

Monday, November 19, 2007

The first day of public display..

Japan's reimagining of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.