Saturday, March 15, 2003

For the two of you that don't know, I got a new tattoo on Wednesday. In Edward's words it's "the tattoo I should have always had." It's of Superman, and my doppelgangster (that's Edward) got one of Ghost Rider. His has got to be the freakin' scariest tattoo I've ever seen. It's balls out bad "A", while mine is the raddest, baddest, roughest, toughest picture of Superman I've ever seen, and by far the best tattoo I've ever had. There will be pictures of the festivities up shortly, which I hope you will all enjoy. Also, on a related note, I'd like to especially thank Tara for saving the day and providing me with the necessary funds to pay for my tattoo when I discovered I had left my money at home like an idiot. She's super-cool so be nice to her the next time you see her!

In these troubled times I think it's important to remember what the real threat to us all is... SPACE ALIENS. Here's an Alien Survival Study Guide to help us all out.

To update a previous post, I'd like to thank Steve and Sam (though I'm not sure if it's the Sam I know) for checking out the latest pictures. All will be thanked.

That's pretty funny and it's courtesy of James Kolchalka!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Could this be the game to finally make me buy an "Xbob"?

To update the last post, I'd now also like to add Jack and Matt(mattmatt) to the list of people who have been thanked for checking out the latest addition to the photo gallery. I've got all of your backs kids, I'm not going to leave a single person unthanked.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

To update that last post, I'd also now like to thank Rebecca and Megan for checking out the new pictures! You two also are great people whom are good and nice.

"Why the hell not?" is right!

Everyone really should try to give that "Somebody Else" song I mentioned a few days ago by Bleu a listen.. I mean, I'm listening to it right now.. it's good. You should listen to it.

Monday, March 10, 2003

Some good news about the Hulk flick.

Matt (or Mattmattmatt as you may call him) told me to check out the Human Torch dotcomic on this page and it was pretty cool, so I thought you might want to check it out as well.

Apparently, Joaquin Phoenix is going to be playing Johnny Cash in a movie based on his early years. For the time being the film is titled "Walk the Line."

I'd like to thank (in the order of viewing) Edward, Tara, Angela, Adam, Corey, Chris McCarver, Carole, "T-Bone", and Rachel for checking out the latest set of pictures I put up a few days ago. Just wanted to acknowledge you and let it be known that I appreciate you visiting the site.

Song number whatever is "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. Is this over yet, Doug?
"I don't mind spendin' everyday, out on your corner in the pourin' rain, look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while, and she will be loved..."

I feel like this is probably what we're a day or two away from. (I ended the sentence with a preposition, and I'm sorry. Steve sent me this link by the way.)

That picture of Superman on the front page was drawn by me, and I think it's probably the best picture of Superman I've ever drawn. Not saying that it's necessarily good or anything, but I definitely think it's the best I've done. Just thought I'd share that with you. I'll welcome any and all comments on the picture.. or on anything else I guess.

"This movie is really drawing me in ... into a deep well of despair." - Crow T. Robot, MST3K