Friday, February 08, 2008

I long to hear..

And since I've gone post crazy today, why don't we all enjoy the just released teaser poster for A Quantum of Solace (AKA Bond 22).

You are the enemy..

I had a free minute today, so I colored this old picture of Curt dressed like Richie Rich that I did.

Best of 2007 : Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four

This was Mike Wieringo's last published comic work and even if the story hadn't been an outstanding, fun read, this book would have found a special place on my recap of 2007.

I'm not going to do a big post about it, instead I just wanted to share this one panel that I think says it all.

Wherein I continue my DC love..

"That’s the greatest thing about the DC Universe – the heroes are heroes. They’re people to aspire to. They are not perfect. They’re like people we know. People we like. They’re people who struggle, but they carry on. Just like all of us. They work together and help each other.
I like that the evil in the DC Universe gets really evil – really dark and twisted – but the heroes break through it, and rise to the challenge. They might not win every time, which is great for stories, but they persevere.
That’s something that appeals to me much more than a universe where everything is gray." - Geoff Johns (again)

You said it, Geoff.

Also, JAMES ROBINSON has just been named the new writer of Superman.

I believe in DC Comics.

"I believe in DC Comics. I believe in the characters and have since I first discovered this wonderful universe. I believe in where we’re going and what we’re fighting for. You know, we can’t take our readers for granted. We screw up, we lose. We gotta learn from our mistakes and the mistakes others make. We gotta fight hard to create better books every month that are worth your time." - Geoff Johns, via Newsarama

It gets bad...


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I just like things...

This came out yesterday.
Target has it for $9.
Go buy it.
You don't have to buy it at Target, but go buy it somewhere.
I want this show to succeed in every arena.

Take me home..

The Legion of Atheist Super-Heroes!
Comic book characters grouped by religious affiliation.
It's a real website.
Well researched and fun... if not a little weird.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This just in..

Lawsuits, here! Get'cher lawsuits!

The actress was fired..

Don't forget to catch Batman and Brownman on this week's Dancing with the Stars.

Monday, February 04, 2008

So go already..

This, for me, is victory..

No matter which way you go..

You'd better believe he's Iron Man.
CBR has ton of great screen grabs from last night's Super Bowl ad.