Friday, September 21, 2007

Stayed up one time.. (Updated)

Seven posts no one cares about in two days?!
Clearly I've gone "Content crazy".

Anyway, I've finally got all my birthday photos sized, edited, uploaded, and annotated for you to check out.
All you've got to do is click on that picture up there.
You'll see pictures of things I got, the birthday party that was held on Friday, and then photos from my actual birthday on Monday.
I'd also like to take this time to say that my Friend-Set is the best.
April is bestest, prettiest, sweetest, make me feel special-est girlfriend ever.
Extra special thanks to Curt, Sean, Joe, Clayton, Bonnie, Joel, Edward, Lynn, Nathan, Katie, James, and anyone else who helped organize or helped make my party a lot of fun.
I apologize to all of the people (of which there were many) who were at the party that I was too drunk or too busy partying to remember to take pictures of. (Dangle there you lousy preposition!)
So, yeah, I hope you enjoy them.

UPDATE : There were some perfectly nice and pretty pictures of April in that set that she didn't like so I had to delete them. I tell you this only because I want you to understand why there are no pictures of April.
Also, based on which pictures have been looked at (ie. the ones James is in and the one of the Dwight bobblehead), I know that at this point Maggie is the only person who's checked them out.

There it is, get it!

The world must have been turned topsy-turvy (a hyphenated word I absolutely love), because both April and Sean have updated their respective blarghs.
I really enjoyed both of their posts, and you might too, so go check it out.

In reference to my previous post about watching Godzilla : Final Wars last night, I had to try to explain Godzilla and his inherent and total dominance in the field of awesomeness to April.
I was amazed to find she was not aware of Capital G's greatness.
Even more amazing though, was that she didn't know anything about Godzilla besides that he was from Japan and she could pick him out of a line-up.
At one point during the opening credits he let loose with a blast of his patented Atomic-Breath which elicited a confused and incredulous "WTF" from April.
I had to explain to her that Godzilla is like the Superman of monsters.. in that he's the best.
To which she replied, "Couldn't you also say he's the worst, then?"

I was hellbent...

I saw Godzilla : Final Wars again last night, and in celebration of this I'm reposting my musings on the flick from my inital viewing way back in February 2006.


Other notes while watching Godzilla : Final Wars....

- Monster X is one of the best giant monster designs I've seen in a long time.
- Gigan v2.0 may very well be the worst monster design/redesign ever.
Mothra is really fast, but quite vulnerable.
Anguirus makes a great soccer ball, and the G-Man is quite a goalie.
Ebirah learned quite harshly that Godzilla is not a fan of seafood.
- Godzilla has similar feelings towards pollution. Poor
Zilla (or G.I.N.O. as some people call him) looked great. Toho can do some mighty fine CGI.
King Seesar is as cute as a puppy sometimes.
- Though it was neat to see
King Ghidorah, I hated how he ended up in the movie. As an aside, I think it's ridiculous that KG is one of Godzilla's most powerful foes.
- Mothra ain't going out like no punk ass bitch.
- I hadn't really been familiar with
Manda before this flick, but I feel like he/she/it should be much more popular in Japan.
- Almost every scene that doesn't feature a giant monster is completely worthless to me.

In conclusion, Godzilla : Final Wars was awesome!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trunk full of stuff...

Do any of you have Netflix?

Without even trying..

And now for what I'd like to call, "A Series of Images Illustrating Why You Should Be Buying DC's Black Adam Mini-Series"
The following panels are all from Black Adam #2.
As always, click the pictures for a closer look.

Black Adam is using the entrails of an abominable snowman he's just cut open with a big knife to bungie down a cliff to retrieve his backpack.. which holds the bones of his dead wife.
To be completely honest, I don't think I should need to show you anything else.
But I will because I love you.

Superman stops one bullet by grabbing it and stops the other bullet that bounced off of him with his heat vision.
Superman is not just faster than a speeding bullet, he's faster than TWO speeding bullets and he's got a good sense of humor about himself.
Oh, and he has laser eyes!

Just click on it.
I really miss Doug Mahnke drawing JLA right about now.

Look at Black Adam's beautiful teeth.

And there you have it.
Go buy Black Adam.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

With all sincerity..

Me : At the 2:50 mark on that song it becomes the greatest thing ever.

Maggie : It's so triumphant.

Me : The harmony at the 3:10 mark is enough to make rainbows explode.

Maggie : Hahahaha. You should write music reviews. Get a job at The Flyer or something on the side.

Me : Haha. Yeah, where I just review the Flash Gordon soundtrack every week.

Well then let's still do that...

So over at Newsarama there's
a preview up of the next issue of The Flash.

Following the preview is a good bit of debate over Daniel Acuña's art.

A lot of the people posting in Newsarama's forums don't care for his art for some reason. I don't know that the Newsarama forums are any kind of indication of the real feelings of the entire comic buying populace, but it's still really surprising to me that everyone isn't a huge fan.
I wonder if the people who don't like Acuña are the same people that defend the artistic ability of Michael Turner or think Ed Benes' Justice League looks incredible.
I think some people are scared of how Acuña's art isn't just black lines with colors then neatly applied inside those lines. Comic fans tend to be a cowardly, superstitious lot.. wait. Comic fans seem to be afraid of changes. New things. Things that are different. As far as comics go, I mean.

I wonder if Newsarama had been around back when Alex Ross hit the scene if people would have been complaining about his take on the Human Torch not being red with black lines all over him the way Kirby did it.

They were on to you..


I'm eating tiny microwaved hot dogs.
They aren't particularly great, but they were free (thanks Maggie!) and I have zero (literal) dollars at the moment.
I brought a Dr Pepper from home though, and it's pretty good.
I've been swallowing so much mucus or whatever head fluid is leaking down the back of my throat that my appetite hasn't been great over the last few days. The half eaten Pop Tart on my desk from this morning will attest to as much.

I read "If you're bored, you're boring" on someone's blog or Myspace profile or somewhere on the internet and immediately fell in love with that sentence.

Pictures for Sad Children is real and hilarious and fantastic. I met John at Comic-Con. He was easy to talk to and friendly. He gave me a free comic and then I bought some. Then he gave me a comic to give to Joel.
John, if you're reading this, I gave that comic to Joel for you. Mission accomplished.

I could write songs for They Might Be Giants all goddamn day long. Why not just write them for myself and then perform them? We've already got one They Might Be Giants. I'm pretty sure that's as many as people want.

Action Button reviewd the game, God Hand, and gave it 4 out of 4 stars. Their "bottom line" on the game was, "God Hand is 'Beat them up. Beat them all the way up.'"
I could not be any more interested in playing this now.
Even though I never get to play video games anymore.


I've completely forgotten the other things I wished to say.
I'm going to try to have the birthday post up later today, so feel free to check back.
Maybe there'll be a picture of you.

Monday, September 17, 2007

makes a lotta sense..

1) Birthday post after I get home from work.

2) Where's the update, Sean?