Wednesday, September 19, 2007

They were on to you..


I'm eating tiny microwaved hot dogs.
They aren't particularly great, but they were free (thanks Maggie!) and I have zero (literal) dollars at the moment.
I brought a Dr Pepper from home though, and it's pretty good.
I've been swallowing so much mucus or whatever head fluid is leaking down the back of my throat that my appetite hasn't been great over the last few days. The half eaten Pop Tart on my desk from this morning will attest to as much.

I read "If you're bored, you're boring" on someone's blog or Myspace profile or somewhere on the internet and immediately fell in love with that sentence.

Pictures for Sad Children is real and hilarious and fantastic. I met John at Comic-Con. He was easy to talk to and friendly. He gave me a free comic and then I bought some. Then he gave me a comic to give to Joel.
John, if you're reading this, I gave that comic to Joel for you. Mission accomplished.

I could write songs for They Might Be Giants all goddamn day long. Why not just write them for myself and then perform them? We've already got one They Might Be Giants. I'm pretty sure that's as many as people want.

Action Button reviewd the game, God Hand, and gave it 4 out of 4 stars. Their "bottom line" on the game was, "God Hand is 'Beat them up. Beat them all the way up.'"
I could not be any more interested in playing this now.
Even though I never get to play video games anymore.


I've completely forgotten the other things I wished to say.
I'm going to try to have the birthday post up later today, so feel free to check back.
Maybe there'll be a picture of you.

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