Friday, September 21, 2007

Stayed up one time.. (Updated)

Seven posts no one cares about in two days?!
Clearly I've gone "Content crazy".

Anyway, I've finally got all my birthday photos sized, edited, uploaded, and annotated for you to check out.
All you've got to do is click on that picture up there.
You'll see pictures of things I got, the birthday party that was held on Friday, and then photos from my actual birthday on Monday.
I'd also like to take this time to say that my Friend-Set is the best.
April is bestest, prettiest, sweetest, make me feel special-est girlfriend ever.
Extra special thanks to Curt, Sean, Joe, Clayton, Bonnie, Joel, Edward, Lynn, Nathan, Katie, James, and anyone else who helped organize or helped make my party a lot of fun.
I apologize to all of the people (of which there were many) who were at the party that I was too drunk or too busy partying to remember to take pictures of. (Dangle there you lousy preposition!)
So, yeah, I hope you enjoy them.

UPDATE : There were some perfectly nice and pretty pictures of April in that set that she didn't like so I had to delete them. I tell you this only because I want you to understand why there are no pictures of April.
Also, based on which pictures have been looked at (ie. the ones James is in and the one of the Dwight bobblehead), I know that at this point Maggie is the only person who's checked them out.

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Joel Priddy said...

Okay, now that you have The Dangerous Book for Boys, we have to make a projectile-launcher of some variety or other.

Looks like you had a pretty good birthday. Many returns of the day.