Friday, November 14, 2008

Hybrids open up the door..

Oh! Also, don't forget that tonight is the premiere of Batman : The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network!

The greatest thing in the world..

In my last post I told you that you needed to read that comic as it would play heavily into this post, and honestly, the rest of your life.
I hope you have done so and adequately prepared yourself.
When I read that comic I realized that the Knight's dialogue in the second panel was the exact sentence I hear Curt say before every photograph of him ever taken.

I immediately set out to find a photo of Curt on which to place the appropriate word balloons.
I thought this would be a fun way to gently poke fun at one of the best individuals I have ever known as well as doing my own quasi-mash-up-type thing.

So, before I get to the rest of the story, let me share with you the first picture of Curt I came across..

Hilarious, right?
It works so well, and it was just random that this was the first picture of him I came across.

Here's where shit gets interesting though.. and when I say "interesting", I mean to say, better than anything ever.

As I was quickly searching for a photo of Curt, I found a photo not of Curt first.

I found this photo..

It was then that I realized I had inadvertantly stumbled upon the funniest and greatest thing I had ever beheld.

I don't know why, but for some reason even though the dialogue never changes, seeing it on different pictures and imagining that the person or character in said image is saying it as they are doing whatever they are doing just keeps being hilarious to me.

I have made HUNDREDS of these since Tuesday and they all make me laugh.
I'm not even joking.
I am being so sincere.

That's enough to give you the idea, but there are a lot more to come, and they are all hilarious to me, and I have to assume they will be to you as well.
It is my hope that you will all tell your friends and join me in making many more of your own.
If you do, please email them to me so that I may post them here for the future enjoyment of all.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm about to show the way..

You need to look at this comic.
It is by god-among-men, Scott Campbell.
You can and should see many, many more of his Double Fine Action Comics.

The reason I say you need to look at that comic is because it is one of the crucial ingredients in my next post.

In regards to this "next post", I am officially giving you real and true warning that what I am about to unleash on both you and the internet will be unquestionably looked back upon in the years to come (especially as the world is ending in 2012) as the internet's most unstoppable and greatest and most ultimate achievement... of all times... of ever... forever!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Around the way is where I'm from..

Just because I'm hell of depressed doesn't mean that great stuff doesn't still exist for me to share with all of you!
If you need further proof that dreams can come true, get a load of that picture there, and witness as Mattel continues to use DC Universe Classics to bring my childhood back to life by making updated (and completely awesome) versions of some of my favorite Super Powers figures : Dr. Fate and Parademon.

That makes sense..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Take us for cola...

Today's new comic over at Let's Be Friends Again is based on an actual conversation between Curt and I that really stuck with me. I then told Curt we should make it into a comic. Such is the nature of the collaboration. The portions featuring crying, pleading, and more crying have, of course, been omitted so as to keep things as light as a summer's breeze around these parts.

Rob Liefeld was not the original funeral portrait artist, and even though making fun of Rob is like shooting apples in a barrel (full of apples), it was classier than Curt's original joke.
The original joke was probably funnier, but we are nothing if not classy.

The part of today's comic that features me requesting something of Curt is 100% true as it really is something I made Curt promise me.
Seeing how he's going to handle things though, perhaps I should try to institute some further stipulations.

It's the right word..


When I see..

Wired brings us Six Real Gadgets Minority Report Predicted Correctly.
What do you mean you don't remember that scene with the cardboard robots?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bring me a higher love..

I'm sorry.
I know this is stupid, but I had to make it after I saw that old guy in Wal-Mart wearing a "Bach" sweatshirt.
I had to do it.

Part of the masterplan..

Lest anyone try to tell you otherwise, this is a TERRIBLE idea.
These were being eaten in my office, and people were throwing up.
Who's ready for lunch, yeah?

Sunday, November 09, 2008