Friday, April 11, 2008

Who's this crazy wise guy..

It Never Stops Raining will be returning shortly.
We promise.

Hometown looks so gray..

Curt is hell of soft and plush.

It's always better on holiday..

Speaking of things I'd like to own, I'm not sure why, but I really want these quite badly.
They're hell of expensive though, so I doubt it'll ever happen.

Come on and..

Not $40 awesome, but pretty awesome.
Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile can be seen here.

EDIT : Oops! I didn't know John had already posted about these guys over at Super Punch. I assume most of you check out Super Punch on a regular basis, so sorry if you're seeing this a second time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go get them..

I dabble in Photoshoppery.
Producer James Tucker talks about the end of Legion of Super Heroes as well as what's to come with Batman : The Brave and The Bold.

Kick it wicked nice..

I don't mind telling you I have absolutely no confidence in Frank Miller.
I think Frank Miller's Will Eisner's The Spirit is going to be awful.
I will be absolutely delighted to be proven wrong and if it's not awful I will sing Miller's praises far and wide, but he does not get the benefit of the doubt and a "let's wait and see how it is before we start naysaying" attitude from me.
G.I. Joe gets the benefit of the doubt because that picture of Snake Eyes was awesome.
The pictures I've seen from the set of The Spirit fill me with nothing but dread.
How much dread? Sufficient dread to make me think the movie is going to be not only awful, but awfully ridiculous.
Prove me wrong, Frank.

I know you don't need the confusion..

These guys treat him like shit and he still saves them.

I just started to back away because I didn't have much anger at the time.
Apparently July is known as "The Month Dark Horse Finally Gets My Money".
And this stuff is just the start.

You know what's wrong..

Does anyone have the song "Man, It's So Loud In Here" by They Might Be Giants?
If so, would you like to send it to me?
I'd sure appreciate it.
I can't find my copy of the album ("Mink Car") anywhere, and that song has somehow disappeared from both my work computer and my home computer.
I'd just buy it off iTunes, but apparently that album is unavailable.. thank you very much, Apple.

I waited for your call...

You get that chin and it's like a dead giveaway.
Skrull Bart Allen!
I drew this way back last year when Bart died, but never got around to posting it for some reason.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It makes me feel so fine..

You know, you can say whatever you want about Alex Ross, and I'm well aware people do, but I think this cover he did for X-Men #500 is completely awesome.

A scarecrow from high school..

Anyone else playing around with Pandora?
I'm enjoying it.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life is officially too depressing when the lady at the Taco Bell drive-thru tells you not to look so sad.

If there's nowhere, I wanna go there..

This will never not be funny.

I'm about to tell you about the best comment I've read all day.

What I really want to know: Should Batman kiss the Joker full on the lips, tenderly, souls entwining forever?

Can you believe..
..I couldn't find any pictures on the internet..
.. of them actually kissing?
I think we all know the answer.

I don't know that this is a very good example..

Monday, April 07, 2008

Werewolf vs Zombie - 4. Basketball


From this day on..

The never-ending (legal) battle continues!

Thanks to the new American..

While I've got Batmania induced posting fever, did you guys (and gals) see this variant cover Frank Quitely did for All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder #10?
Now that's a book I'd buy even if it only came out once a year.
Oh, but I would want Grant Morrison to write it.. not Frank Miller.
Anyway, there's also a great interview with Mr. Quitely up at CBR.

Storm the gate!

It could have gone very differently.
The internet continues to be ablaze with talk both for and against this new Batman cartoon.

Comic and animation industry veteran, Mike Manley is a character designer on the show, and he's got words for the "babymen".

The Absorbascon weighs in on the matter as well as the matter of comics littered with corpses.

So many I wish I could..

Let me know if the whole alt text thing isn't working properly for you.
Newsarama has a full recap of Cartoon Network's recent event where they gave the advertising world the skinny on all their plans for the new season.
These plans include
Jay Stephens' The Secret Saturdays.
Which looks awesome.

These plans also involve the new CGI Star Wars : Clone Wars cartoon as well as that Brave and the Bold cartoon that's got the internet in a tizzy.

PS I love Jay Stephens.