Friday, March 09, 2007

I wanna do something that has merit..

Best Memorable Quote of the Week :
Midnighter is oft called a Batman rip-off, but it's really more of a tribute. Plus, he's Batman + Wolverine + Punisher multiplied by awesome plus gay. - Rachelle at Living Between Wednesdays


I generally don't like to do straight text copy/pastes, but when someone says something this perfectly it deserves more than just a link.
Chris' Invincible Super-Blog has quickly become one of my favorite destinations out there in the blog-o-rama, and I think he really hit the nail on the head with his appraisal of Civil War #7.
Read this, then add The ISB to your favorites and go there every single day for the rest of your life.

"This has got to be the biggest pile of nothing that I have ever read.

To its credit, the artwork is fantastic. Steve McNiven's a great talent, and with Morry Hollowell's coloring, this has been an absolutely beautiful book from start to finish, even if he did forget that the Vision's a kid these days. The script, however, fails on every conceivable level. The biggest problem, of course, is that after all these months, with a year's worth of delays and promises that it's only late beacuse while the ending was awesome, they wanted to rewrite it to be super-awesome, it ends in the most poorly-written and anticlimactic resolution of Mark Millar's entire career. It's so wildly problematic that I don't even know where to begin, but I'll just start by saying that Captain America's tackled by a group of emergency workers who might as well be carrying a banner reading "THE HEROES OF 9/11" in grand political cartoon fashion, it's actually less tasteful than when the ghosts of the dead firemen show up in last month's issue of Tarot. And if they hadn't jumped on him, are we really supposed to believe that Captain America was about to decapitate Tony Stark--his friend--like he did to the Red Skull? Really?"

Read the rest here.


Nintendo is winning.
Just ask these active seniors.
The Wii really seems to be doing what Nintendo said it was going to do, and that makes me happy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A symbol of truth and hope..

So this guy I work with told me to draw Bart Simpson's head on Superman's body.
I got a little carried away.

So, long, long overdue, but here are the rest of the pictures from Tara and I's trip to Cleveland to see Sloan.
DSC06086 DSC06088 DSC06089
DSC06090 DSC06103 DSC06105
DSC06106 DSC06107 DSC06108
DSC06109 DSC06116 DSC06120
DSC06122 DSC06110 DSC06113
DSC06115 DSC06117 DSC06118
DSC06119 DSC06121 DSC06124
DSC06125 DSC06126 DSC06127

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Have some fun for a bit.

I'm going to try to make a long story short.
I love Black Bolt.
Also, he's my dad's favorite comic character, which is pretty cool.
I was looking for an awesome picture of Black Bolt on the internet.
I just realized because I'm not telling you why I was looking for it, this story isn't very long at all.
So I found quite a few great pictures.
I also found this entry at Snark-Free Waters that can help you understand why you should like Black Bolt too.
It's called : Black Bolt : King of Kickass.
Go check it out.

And, of course, since it's all over the national news and everything, I have to mention Marvel's bullshit PR stunt of "killing" CAPTAIN GODDAMN AMERICA!
I mean, we all know he's coming back eventually (and I mean, Steve Rogers, not just someone in the Cap costume), but until that happens, I'm boycotting all Marvel comics.

...with the exception of Runaways, collections of really old stuff, and comics that have absolutely nothing to do with current continuity.

You hear that, Marvel?!
Boycott! BOYCOTT, I SAY!
(PS I continue to hate Joe Quesada.)

Anyway, Wizard has a nice recap of some classic Cap highlights that's a fun little trip down memory lane. Especially exciting to me was the fact that the first Captain America story I ever remember reading, Blood on the Moors, is mentioned. Cap and Union Jack versus Baron Blood! Comics don't get much better than that. I swear I'm going to try and draw Baron Blood tonight.

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was the late, great Will Eisner's birthday.
I just did not want this to go unmentioned by me.
I'm sure plenty of other people were making note of it, but it's actually on my Simpsons' wall calendar, so there was no way I wasn't going to know.

I want this comic. In a frame. On my wall. A lot.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jumping and leaping.

So here's a sketch of Supergirl that Darwyn Cooke did (at a con, I assume) that I vectorized and colored for fun.
That's the kind of thing I do sometimes.

Saturday was the 5 year anniversary of this blog.
Crazy, right?
I had a different website I was running even earlier than that, but it stopped working so I jumped on what was at the time a fledgling online publishing site.
I wanted to try to do something big and special on Saturday in celebration of this milestone, but instead I was preoccupied with packing everything up in my apartment and getting ready for our GuitarSuperHero party.
The party was a lot of fun, so maybe I could consider it a Hip Today 5 Year Anniversary Party as well when I post the pictures.
Maybe not.
If anyone has anything special they'd like to contribute as an anniversary present of some kind, please feel free.
I'll be touched.