Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jumping and leaping.

So here's a sketch of Supergirl that Darwyn Cooke did (at a con, I assume) that I vectorized and colored for fun.
That's the kind of thing I do sometimes.

Saturday was the 5 year anniversary of this blog.
Crazy, right?
I had a different website I was running even earlier than that, but it stopped working so I jumped on what was at the time a fledgling online publishing site.
I wanted to try to do something big and special on Saturday in celebration of this milestone, but instead I was preoccupied with packing everything up in my apartment and getting ready for our GuitarSuperHero party.
The party was a lot of fun, so maybe I could consider it a Hip Today 5 Year Anniversary Party as well when I post the pictures.
Maybe not.
If anyone has anything special they'd like to contribute as an anniversary present of some kind, please feel free.
I'll be touched.

1 comment:

April said...

god, i love darwyn cooke.

happy anniversary, dear. i do believe the party was a veritable success.