Saturday, December 18, 2004

Judas Priest have named their soon to be released album featuring the return of Rob Halford.
Angel of Retribution will hit stores all over the US on March 1.

Look forward to an AC/DC double DVD in April.

This idiot rendered me speechless by reaching for levels of thoughtlessness, insensitivity, and unadulterated ignorance I previously thought unattainable. If you were a fan of Dimebag, heavy metal, or even rock music in general (or even if just someone you care about was into any of those) you need to check it out.

Apprarently, Queen is about to go on tour.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Doug says Sideways is worth seeing. I don't know if it's playing where you are, but if it is, feel free to take his word for it as I plan on doing.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

QUEEN guitarist Brian May- "We are all gutted to hear of the senseless and tragic death of Dimbag Darrell, who was shot by a 'fan' who climbed on the stage at a show of his new band, Damageplan. He was of course better known for his great playing in Pantera. Pantera were, I think, the first band that I and my son Jimmy both got equally excited about. It was Jimmy who first got me to see them. They were a great band, and Dimebag was an innovative and passionate player. Great musician. Terrible loss. My respects to him, to his family and friends. Also to those who were killed trying to save him and apprehend the gunman. RIP."

Cartoon characters and their skeletons.