Saturday, April 12, 2003

Much appreciation for the people who called or e-mailed me making sure I was okay after that one post about my life and such.

I'm thinking of switching from Blogger to livejournal because they let you leave comments, and it might be nice to get comments. I've seen that you can have comments on blogger sites as well, because Katie has them, but I'm too stupid to figure out how to code it. Bah, I say.

The only thing that got me out of the house today (Saturday) was knowing that this was the last day for me to turn in this month's Previews.

Speaking of getting out of the house, this has nothing to do with that, but Alex called me this morning (Saturday) and it woke me up and that was a far better wake up than my alarm... but just as with my alarm, I wasn't sure what was going on for the first several minutes.

I may start calling girls "Honey-drawers". It's like calling them "Sweet-pants" or "Sugar-britches" only nicer. If you are a girl that I know do you think this would offend you?

Go look at some pictures I've taken why don't ya? There's new ones...

The last thing I remember thinking before I fell asleep this morning was me repeating to myself, "Don't forget the Easter Monkey" over and over. It worked because I didn't forget.

I've decided Alex's last name is "Mystery" or "Convoy".

I just saw the new trailer for The Matrix Reloaded, and while some of the special effects still don't look quite as good as I think they could, some of it looked decidedly rad. However, I will say that the last shot alone makes me so excited I have to start banging my head against things. Not really, but it does make me smile.

Steve-O has got to be one of the nicest people I know. And I know this will make him mad as hell, but when I went to his site today the banner ad was advertising for Red Wings stuff. Ha! It was like an anti-steve-o ad.

Speaking of movies, how about we go to the exact polar opposite of a good movie and talk about "House of 1,000 Corpses." Here's what I'd like you to do. I'd like you to think of a good movie, if you like you can think of a really good movie, it'll work either way. Have you got that movie in your head now? Ok, now think of the polar opposite of that movie and everything that makes it good. Think of a "black hole of terrible" with such raw suck powers that nothing resembling good can eminate or escape from it. Ok, now however bad of a movie your imagining, you're still not even close. You're not going to know how terrible it is unless you see it, but if you respect my opinion or your own time (because it's 2 hours of your life you're never getting back) in even the slightest, don't go see it. Or do and then come tell me how right I was. You'll wish you hadn't, or act like you don't just to spite me. Jerk.

Do you like girls? Do you like video games? Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and say you do so look at this. Yes.. it's.. yes. Worth looking at if you are a girl also.

My jukebox was playing a mess of metal stuff I haven't listened to in forever all of a sudden all in a row, but now it's playing Fountains of Wayne. So that's quite nice.

Mr. Show Season 3 is on the way...
And speaking of third seasons...



Which Indie Rock Band Are You?
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For those of you that think I might not be aware, I assure you that I am aware of what an ass I am. It's not intentional. At least I don't think it is. I'm just very interested in trying to make everyone happy and be as many things to as many people as possible. It's not going so well, and getting what you (or in this case, I) really want isn't either. Is that being trendy? I'm kinda just trying to sort out what works for me..

People are just so confusing.
I tell myself that I don't need to figure everybody out, but I try to anyway.

I've also been in the practice of telling myself and others that "it's all in your head", and that had been going quite well for me up until tonight (today, whatever).
I could tell you about part of what's got me, but I don't know that I should.
And I could tell you about another part also, but it's not worth talking about.
Also, I have no idea if any of the people responsible for any of this will read this, so even talking about it at all on here may be a waste of time.
The thing that sucks is that the people that I know for sure will read this couldn't give a rip.

I wonder if any of the new people I've met in the last few weeks come here... wonder if any of their friends might then also..

Life would be so much easier if I was a mind reader or if shaking people would force them to make sense.

I've had so the opposite of a lot of sleep in the last 3 or 4 nights and it's 6:34am right now, and I honestly have no desire to try to go to bed. I pity the poor person who I end up catching awake first, because they're probably going to have to listen to me sound like a cross between coked out of my mind and someone with narcolepsy.

Oh, and if anyone is reading this who has been keeping tabs on my progress in life, I'm aware of what an "F-up" I am. But on the other hand, I'd say I have well above average grammar skills.
And I'm apparently quite good at.. wow, wait a minute, I almost said something that most certainly would have gotten me in trouble with a lot of people. Good for me for coming to my senses before I did.
So yeah, maybe some of these people will read this.

I really quite fancy Tara's website. I like hearing her thoughts, but I don't think I'm supposed to tell the address.
Going to Edward's is fine though. In fact, it's.. I can't think of how to spell the word I'm thinking of, but the point is you should go. Shut up.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

I totally forgot to talk about Monday night. So Monday night, I make my way to Ed's place, and we proceed to walk around downtown looking for somewhere to eat. The usual places flit about in my head as possibilities, but then I see a sushi bar. I've never been to a sushi bar. As a matter of fact, I've never had sushi. So, still being on my "best night of my life" high from Friday, I figure why not, let's live a life less ordinary. Ed assures me he's down with the cuisine enough to guide me through this potential mine-field of raw fish. It's all pretty good to my tongue, but less than settling to my stomach. I chalk this up to me just not being used to it. Good experience though all the way. Then we go to the mall. Then we go to Walgreen's and I got a Cherry Coke. I haven't even seen a Cherry Coke anywhere in what seems like forever, so I was excited to be clutching one in my grubby little mitts once again. While we were walking back to the car some guy tried to sell us bike tires, to which Ed said, "I don't even own a bike." So then we go back to Ed's and watch the end of wrestling and work on a bunch of songs. It goes very well. Then we watched some stuff on the computer and watched some extras from the Jackass DVD.
A fine night. On the "good to very good" scale it was very good.

Speaking of things that are good, I've got these homemade chocolate chip cookies right now that are so good I'd rather not keep talking about them. Also, I fell asleep watching the Ben Franklin Biography on A&E last night. What I saw was good though, so that's got to count for something, right?

Every time I look at that new picture on the front page it makes me want to cry in a very good way..

A year or so ago, my college was having a homecoming, "vote for the pretty girl" kind of thing, and all these snotty girls had put posters up all over the walls saying "Vote for Me!" or "I'm better than her!" or "Pick me for Homecoming Queen!" and so forth.
So I thought to myself, "If they can put crap up on the walls why can't I?"
So Danny and I made up a bunch of flyers that had a cartoon of me on it with the phrase "Vote for Chris Haley for Greatest Guy Ever!"
We thought it was pretty hilarious. Some people at school thought it was amusing as well, however some did not, because everytime we'd put some up, someone would take them down. I imagine it was either school officials or girls jealous that I was prettier than they were.

A quote that makes me truly happy: "I stole this idea from Chris Haley so there's no originality in me posting my thoughts. But hey, I steal lots of ideas from that kid, he's a good kid ya know." - Tara, she has a website now, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell people about it, because she didn't even tell me about it

:: how nintendo are you? ::

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

More good news for Nintendo Gamecube owners.

Chris Jericho got into a fight with Goldberg backstage at RAW Monday night, and from the sound of it, he came out on top... and that's pretty darn cool.

Scott Kurtz continues to tell it like it is.

Steve (or Steve-O as I call him) is a pretty rad dude, and unfortunately, he's just had an experience that was decidedly un-rad. No one like to be "burgled" (though I'm sure everyone loves to say it), so head to Steve-O's site and send him some positive energy. It's called "karma", kids, and it's a boomerang, so doing something nice will come back to you in a positive, crescent fresh way.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

This one is especially for Edward, but I think the rest of you will enjoy it as well: here is a link. I can officially say that while I'm certain there will be some cheese in this, I'm psyched to see it way more now, than I was before viewing this new trailer.

I don't know how many of you saw Wrestlemania XIX last Sunday, or even how many of you give a rip about wrestling, but I would be doing the show a great disservice by not saying that it was very good, and that the Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho match was what every professional wrestling match should aspire to be.

"Remember that in case you're ever making me a surprise Hamburger Helper dinner." - Corey, a man who's far too funny

Monday, April 07, 2003

I'm still trying to figure out how best to talk about Friday night.. so as soon as I figure it out, it'll be up here. Hopefully, you'll be interested in hearing about it as it was one of the best night's of my life ever.

I don't know how many of you like Travis, but as many of you may know, they're one of my favorite bands. The point of me saying this is they have an acoustic version of a new song available for download on their website called "The Beautiful Occupation." As with most of their stuff, I like it, and maybe you will too.

Good news for Nintendo = Happy Chris Haley

In case you haven't heard, Thomas Jane has been chosen to play The Punisher in the 2004 release. You can catch your first glimpse of the new Frank Castle this June before HULK, in the form of a special made trailer shot for the sole purpose of playing before said film. In other Marvel movie news, word is that Vin Diesel is interested in playing the Silver Surfer. I guess I've heard stranger things... like the rumor about him wanting to play The Flash.

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Sunday, April 06, 2003

I wish I could even begin to tell you all how amazing the Butch Walker experience I had Friday night was. More to come.