Friday, October 03, 2003

I've always thought Dr. Who was one of the dorkiest shows ever, but if this news is true they may make a fan of me yet. The UK's SUN newspaper is reporting that Eddie Izzard is going to play the new Dr. Who when the BBC debuts the new version of the series later this year.

Check out these pictures that were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of actual space things... in space!
They are indeed awesome... by the true definition of the word.

Since we're officially in October, I figured now was as good a time as any for everyone to check out all of these great old Halloween costumes!
By far the scariest costume I've ever seen.

Tickets for the all day showing of all three Lord of the Rings movies go on sale October 9th at select theaters nationwide.
Thankfully, for once, Memphis is not being passed up, so I'll be there!
Exciting, yeh?

Is it just me or is this shirt great?

Picture of the Day... Christian Bale would be proud I'm sure.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

This is the flyer that The Caravan made up for the show tonight.
It looks pretty cool, but I have no idea why we've been billed as "The Big Collapse" as opposed to just "The Collapse."
Oh, well.
Hope to see you there.
Doors open at 8PM!

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Science seems to be able to find an answer to most anything these days. This article isn't particularly exciting, but I found it very informative and interesting.
It's about the studies that have and are being done showing the distinct differences in the male and female brain. It also goes into detail explaining why we (men and women) react differently to different situations. The ramifications for relationships are fairly obvious to see... so if you're in a relationship, or are planning on being in one, I'd suggest giving it a read.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The Kids in the Hall have an official site now. I suggest you visit it, and help shape the future of KITH DVD releases... as I have done.

These look rad-ass.
No seriously.. they do.

Look for Jason vs. Freddy to drop on DVD on January 13.

Picture of the Day.

As some of you may know, a live-action/CGI feature film based on The Transformers is in the works.
There are people who would like you to sign this petition about said film.

Nintendo's new "Who Are You?" ad campaign and website are a lot of fun.
Go make your own ad and e-mail it to me!

"I spent all of Grade 8 watching porno on Beta." - Jason .. the Canadian

Picture of the Day.. it's hellriffic!
Here's another in case you enjoyed that one.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Oh, by the way, when I said the trailer for The Matrix Revolutions looks pretty awesome, I figured that it would go without saying that I meant all the parts except those featuring the incredibly poorly CGI'd mech things that the forces of Zion were piloting.
Those parts are just embarrassing.

Lookit what Japan gets, that we, of course, do not.

Seth McFarlane, creator of Family Guy, is hard at work on a new animated series that he says will be like a cross between FG and All in the Family.
Read more?

A sequel to the popular PS2 game Kingdom Hearts called Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is headed to the GameBoy Advance in 2004.

Picture of the Day... this is how they should always look.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

I'm sure you've all seen it by now, but the new trailer for The Matrix Revolutions looks pretty awesome.