Thursday, November 07, 2002

This is so wrong. So very, very wrong. So very hilariously wrong.

Which Hellsing character are you?

I don't want to beg or anything, but if you've ever thought about getting something from one of the Hip Today Stores now is the time to do it, because I've just been informed by Cafepress that if the stores don't generate some kind of revenue here in the next couple of weeks they'll be shut down. I know some of you don't have the scratch to throw around on a shirt or a lunchbox or whatever, but I've got stickers in there for like 2 bucks. If you're not able to help I appreciate you listening and visiting the site as always, but if you can, please do. Thanks again.

I just wanted to say a quick little something about the new set of pictures from my birthday. I guess an apology is what I really wanted to make, because there were some people there who were a big part of the fun, and unfortunately I didn't get many or any pictures of some of them. It was just a situation where I was having too much fun and doing to many other things to be taking pictures as much as I would have liked to do. So I apologize to all of you if you went to look at the pictures and didn't see much of yourself. I'll try to do better next time.

This is going to be my new question when it comes to determining if a girl is a keeper or not.

Check out the new full trailer for Daredevil, starring our very own Ben Affleck. I'll be honest with you, the teaser trailer didn't really do much for me, but I held out the hope because I have faith in Benji, but after seeing this new trailer and the new poster I'm fully psyched for it. I will say though, that this trailer has some of the worst music choices I've ever heard. Shame on whomever is responsible. Shame I say. Shame.

For the WWE fans out there, check out this nice montage of some of the tracks from the new Anthology 3-disc set that's coming out Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I've seen the Jackass flick three times now. None of the times have been from any kind of burning desire to see it, but I've enjoyed it all three times. I doubt I'll see it a fourth, but who knows. The soundtrack is totally kick-A though, and it even comes with a DVD and Andrew WK's video for "We Want Fun"... which I'm listening to right now. Anyway, here's an interview with Bam Margera and the CKY crew from the Village Voice.

"We want fun! And you better believe it! We want fun! And you know where to leave it! We want fun! No you don't understand you gotta Hey! (Hey!) Hey! (Hey!) Make your demands! We want fun! And you never can see it! We want fun! So you take it or leave it! We want fun and you might as well face it, we wanna have fun and we wanna get wasted!" - Andrew WK, "We Want Fun"

Monday, November 04, 2002

It's not the Halloween pictures I promised would be up soon, but there are new pictures. These are from my birthday and the party thrown for said birthday.


It started snowing last night in my town on Animal Crossing!! I was so excited.

Want to see a picture of my little brothers on Halloween? I know there are like two of you who might want to see it so I thought I'd put it up here where you could click on it.

I ended up seeing the Jackass flick a second time this weekend. It was still worth every penny.

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and the complete Sports Night DVDs come out Tuesday. I'm not saying anyone should spend money they don't have, but if you've got some scratch to spare these are two things I couldn't any more highly recommend.

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There's just no getting around it, Pinkerton is one of the best albums ever.
"I ain't gonna hurt nobody, ain't gonna cause a scene, just need to admit that I want sugar in my tea.." - Weezer, "The Good Life"

Sunday, November 03, 2002

The G.I. Joe cartoons of my youth (and probably yours) returns to Cartoon Network this Monday night! I'm not sure exactly what time the show will be on, but somewhere between 11pm and 1am would be a good bet. UPDATE: It's on at 11:30 PM Central time.

I'm either very excited or very frightened at the possibilities, but there is going to be a MIGHTY MOUSE movie. For those of you that don't know me, Mighty Mouse is almost as near and dear to me as Superman, so I'll be hoping against hope for good things.

I saw the Jackass flick the other night. It was funny the whole way through, and that's worth my 200 dollars or whatever it costs to go to the movies these days.

Does the new intro page seem pretentious or stupid or anything to any of you? It's of me on Halloween, and I thought it was a pretty cool picture. I swear to God I'd love some kind of feedback on this.
Thanks go to Adam for taking this and other pictures.
Thanks also go to Melissa for completing my Nuno costume by making me that Mourning Widows thing for my arm.

"..I fantasize about my death, I'll kill myself from holdin' my breath..
My suicidal dreams, Voices telling me what to do, My suicidal dreams, I'm sure you will get yours too..
Help me, comfort me, Stop me from feelin' what I'm feelin' now, the rope is here, now i'll find a use, I'll kill myself I'll put my head in the noose..
My suicidal dreams, Voices telling me what to do, My suicidal dreams, I'm sure you will get yours too..
" - Silverchair, "Suicidal Dreams"