Monday, November 04, 2002

It started snowing last night in my town on Animal Crossing!! I was so excited.

Want to see a picture of my little brothers on Halloween? I know there are like two of you who might want to see it so I thought I'd put it up here where you could click on it.

I ended up seeing the Jackass flick a second time this weekend. It was still worth every penny.

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and the complete Sports Night DVDs come out Tuesday. I'm not saying anyone should spend money they don't have, but if you've got some scratch to spare these are two things I couldn't any more highly recommend.

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There's just no getting around it, Pinkerton is one of the best albums ever.
"I ain't gonna hurt nobody, ain't gonna cause a scene, just need to admit that I want sugar in my tea.." - Weezer, "The Good Life"

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