Friday, February 28, 2003

Sad, sad times, kids. Everyone's favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers, has passed away after a battle with stomach cancer at the age of 74. I'm sure we'll all miss him greatly.

In "Oh, thank heavens!" news, Josh Hartnett will not be playing Superman! However, it's a bittersweet victory, because the announcement also says, "Warner (Bros.) has said they are not looking for someone that looks like Superman or even can act well; they're looking for someone to sign a three-picture deal." That's certainly a fine way to make a quality motion picture.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

If there's a game I'm looking forward to, it's the new Megaman game that's coming out for the Gamecube. If there's a game I enjoy on a nostalgia level but am also disappointed with, it's Dragon's Lair 3D. The game succeeds in recapturing the look, sound, feel, and indeed, even the spirit of the original arcade classic. However, and I'd say most importantly, the thing it manages to recapture the best from the original is the impossibility... because it's impossible.

New comic today.

THQ is giving us all a chance to let our voices be heard and make the next WWE (or WWF if you prefer to still call it that) game for the Gamecube not blow. I'm going to have to request that you all go check it out and answer the questions wisely.

The Clerks IN-action figures. Before you can ask, yes, I will be buying all of these.

And now for some random quotes and such I had jotted down on random scraps of paper and napkins and placemats from IHOP and such...
"Chridward"- the name given to a fictional person made by combining Edward and myself into one person
"I'll take the James Brown's over the James Clown's." - Danny on his choice of bowling footwear
"Corey 'One Pin' Smithmier" - a nickname was assigned while bowling

Monday, February 24, 2003

Everyone must, must, MUST check this out please. I totally think it's worth it for you to check it out. No, seriously, chances are you'll think it's quite cool.