Saturday, October 09, 2004

This car sounds great.
Go read about it. I'm starting you off on page 3, so you'll have to go back and read pages 1 and 2. You can handle it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex may have had a nice coat of fluffy feathers.

I'm Gonna Beat Pac-Man music video. Worth seeing if you never have. Some bad language though.

Friday, October 08, 2004

You definatly know The Misfits. Unless you just
guessed...but if you answered them truely, then
you know them pretty good. Well, good job.

How well do you know The Misfits?
brought to you by Quizilla

Grand fucking news from Nintendo!
And, no, that's not sarcasm at all.
I'm dead serious.
This is awesome news.
Well, I mean, it's awesome news if you're a huge Nintendo fan like I am, or you have a Nintendo related tattoo.. like I do.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

So there's this guy.
His name is David Benioff.
He wrote Troy and The 25th Hour.
He's going to be writing the Wolverine spin-off movie if Hugh Jackman agrees to star in it.
Chances are it will be called Weapon X or Wolverine : Weapon X.

Even more new alternate Super Mario names have been submitted!
Thanks go to Doug for all of these. E-me to submit your own.
- Super Mario World Police
- Super Mario Revolutions
- Super Mario Strikes Back
- Super Mario Microwavable Safe
- Super Mario Conjugal Visit
- Super Mario Three Ply
- Super Mario Speaker Phone
- Super Mario Turkish Gold

He also sent in these alternate Donkey Kong names.. for some reason.
- Donkey Kong Prepaid Postage
- Donkey Kong Jr. Literacy

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Corey did this picture for me quite a while ago, and I forgot to put it up here.
It's awesome.
He's a genius.
I'm an idiot for not putting it up sooner.

It's time for another round of alternate Super Mario names! I'll be putting stars (*) next to the ones I think could actually end up as Mario games.
- Super Mario Mandarin Chicken
- Super Mario Full Release
- Super Mario Laugh til ya Pee
- Super Mario Richard Grieco
- Super Mario Testerosa
- Super Mario Building Blocks*
- Super Mario Drug Runner
- Super Mario in Another Horse Adventure*
- Super Mario Does Pam Grier
- Super Mario Hits His Kids
- Super Mario Makes Out with a Dog
- Super Mario Steal Your Mail
- Super Mario Cable Hijack
- Super Mario Ninja High School : Year 12
- Super Mario Castle of Morphing Shit

I'm pretty sure you can thank Edward and Katie for all of those.