Thursday, October 07, 2004

So there's this guy.
His name is David Benioff.
He wrote Troy and The 25th Hour.
He's going to be writing the Wolverine spin-off movie if Hugh Jackman agrees to star in it.
Chances are it will be called Weapon X or Wolverine : Weapon X.

Even more new alternate Super Mario names have been submitted!
Thanks go to Doug for all of these. E-me to submit your own.
- Super Mario World Police
- Super Mario Revolutions
- Super Mario Strikes Back
- Super Mario Microwavable Safe
- Super Mario Conjugal Visit
- Super Mario Three Ply
- Super Mario Speaker Phone
- Super Mario Turkish Gold

He also sent in these alternate Donkey Kong names.. for some reason.
- Donkey Kong Prepaid Postage
- Donkey Kong Jr. Literacy

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