Friday, March 23, 2007

I tell no lies.

I don't know if you guys have ever heard it, but "Abra Cadaver" by The Hives is like the perfect song to listen to if you're reading Jack Kirby New Gods comics featuring Orion.
I'm dead serious.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flying high again!

Post-it Silver Surfer
Since my arm is still in a sling, I'm having to rely on stuff I've had scanned and waiting in the wings for a little while for updates.
I'm sure no one will notice the difference or care.
So here's a post-it Silver Surfer I did a few weeks back.
He's kinda weird looking if you ask me.

I probably did this after seeing the latest F42 trailer. I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to it. The first one was pretty fun (though mindless), and I imagine this one will be much the same.
Any thoughts?

Ask and ye shall receive..

From Marvel's June solicits released today...
24X36 Color Poster...$6.99
Final Order Cut-off 5/24/07 (On-Sale 6/13/07 )

Clearly I should insult Marvel's intelligence and demand things more often.

This bird likes mixtapes.

Mix Tape - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Everyone go help Jon Morris get his shirt printed, won't you?
I mean, I want one.

Monday, March 19, 2007

5 Questions from Dean Trippe

Dean gives me the 5 Question interview treatment...

1. What's the dumbest thing that happened in comics in the last year?
Wow. What a year to ask that question. If you'd asked me a week or two ago, I'd probably have a different answer, but I guess since it's so fresh on my mind I have to go with Marvel "killing" Captain America. Wait, I take that back, I think what they've done to Speedball is a lot dumber. I mean, come on.

2. Who is your favorite non-superhero fictional character of all time?
Wow. That's another tough one. There are so many. I'm going to keep it simple and say either Bugs Bunny or Calvin & Hobbes (inseperable).
If I could though I'd include characters like Robin Hood, The Simpsons, Peter Pan, Daffy Duck, "The Last Martian" from The Martian Chronicles, I could go on for hours I'm sure.

3. Who are your major artistic influences?
I guess "heroes" and "influences" are two different words.
I think there are definitely people who have influenced me in a big way that you'd never be able to see in how I draw. I chalk most of that up to them being so many light years above me. The first names that start leaping to mind are Art Adams, Mignola, Kirby, Ben Caldwell, Darwyn Cooke, Jon Morris, Adam Hughes, Mike Wieringo, Ed McGuinness, Mike Allred, Frank Cho, Cory Walker, Nate Bellegarde, Jeff Smith, Bill Watterson, Bruce Timm, Alex Ross, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ryan Sook, Gabe from Penny Arcade, Scott Kurtz, .. I could keep going.
Like I said, none of those names probably show up too obviously in the quality of my work, but they're the people who inspire(d) me.
I'd also like to add that honestly, Dean and Joel are probably the people I've tried to learn the most from over the last however long. Anytime they put something new up, I try to see what I can learn from it and how I can somehow better myself from their awesomeness.

4. What was your first comic and what happened in it?
Oh, wow, again. These are great questions, Dean.
I'm not sure if I have any idea aside from it being a Superman comic. For whatever reason, my parents got me started on Superman right away. My first birthday cake was one of those kind that's like a bust of Superman (Anyone know the kind I'm talking about?), "Superman" was my third word (No kidding) after "mom" and "dad".
I think the earliest ones I remember having was one where he fought someone called "The Yellow Peri". I remember one where he went crazy from some kind of Kryptonian fungus and was fighting with Swamp Thing and had a beard. I had some of the "Super Powers" comics. I specifically remember these two..
B320D004 B320E006

5. You have a cool girlfriend. High five. I realize this is not a question.
And how. High five!


Long Story Short Pier article
Incredibly, another site took notice of our (April & I) Supergirl in talking about Supergirl Week at Project Rooftop.

This article from Long Story Short Pier actually speaks directly to the Scott Pilgrim comments on my approach to the drawing... which in case I haven't said as much before, was very intentional.
I don't know how much of a demand for me to get all explanational on my own art there is, but Bryan Lee O'Malley's artwork on the Scott Pilgrim books is a perfect example of fun, approachable artwork. Girls I know who don't care one iota for comics love the Scott Pilgrim books, so I figured that was a good angle to approach a fun, girl-friendly Supergirl.
I don't know if that makes sense in writing, but it does in my head.

Of course, at the moment my head is full of prescriptions for my hurt shoulder so this may all be a far cry from comprehensible.


Avengers Classics #1
Now here's a Marvel comic that I have no problem buying as it doesn't conflict with my boycott stipulations and is obviously covered in awesomeness.
Art Adams really shows that he's still got the goods and isn't afraid to blast us with them.
If there's a single brain cell firing anywhere at the Marvel offices this cover will be made into a poster I can sit and stare at for hours at a time.