Friday, April 04, 2008

I say I've got my best shoes on..

You have the ability to overcome great fear.. but do you have the ability to overcome great laziness?
Let's get to work, people!

There is a light that never goes out..

Ring real big.
Hal’s a regular guy. You hear people say, ‘Ah, Hal Jordan is too perfect.’ Are you kidding, me? This guy makes mistakes all the time. And he mistakes for the wrong reasons. He has this fire inside him where he’s got to prove to himself that he can do this. And sometimes he’s so intent in overcoming fear; everything else falls by the wayside. And that all stems from him as a kid hearing, ‘You’re not going to fly like your dad did.’ ‘Yes, I am.’ So he’s always having to prove himself. With Parallax and everything else, he is still doing it. At that same time though, he’s got a confidence about him. ‘I can do it. Just let me try. Please let me try. I may screw up one way, but I’ll get it done.’ And I really respond to that kind of character.

It’s all about having the guts to just say, ‘Alright, you know what. I am going to go and if I screw up, I will screw up and fall on my face, but at least I am trying.’ He always does that. This is happening, ‘Well let’s go.’ ‘What’s the plan?’ ‘I will figure it out. I will probably figure it out a second after I should have but hopefully it will happen.’ And to me, that’s Hal Jordan and I think that’s pretty admirable.” - Geoff Johns on Hal Jordan via CBR

I think that's pretty admirable too.

On a wave..

Boulder smashed you and your arm's hanging on by a string.
This is the kind of awesome shit you've been missing if you haven't been checking out Destination : Blog! as of late.

It also means you haven't seen the new daily series I've started over there called "chrishaley loves comics every day!". Every single day there's a new post from me showing an example of why I love comics. Think of it as a daily reminder of how awesome comics are. It's like one of those page-a-day calendars.. except it's comics not the wit and wisdom of Larry, the Cable Guy. And this is in addition to all the other great stuff Curt and Joel are doing over there. (Their posts are better than mine, so I have to make up for it with quantity.) So yeah, go check it out, and of course, don't forget that I'm fanatical about the alternate text over there as well.

The major key..

Warner Bros. animation director Brandon Vietti shares his thoughts on the upcoming new Batman cartoon he's involved with.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Everybody wants to rule..

He's going to kick that guy right on his bottom.
Jack Kirby could see the future.

A startling Kirby creation I hope does become a reality came to us courtesy of OMAC #1 (1974).

Why did I do that..

Frank Miller has a dream of a three color world.
So here's the first poster(s) for Frank Miller's Will Eisner's The Spirit.
I actually like the image, but I'd also like to slap Frank Miller.
It's a dream of mine.
I get the feeling this movie is going to be the exact opposite of what I want it to be.
I guess we'll see.

You didn't listen..

Come live with us amongst the has-beens and the addicts.
Could someone please tell me how I should feel about this?
Keep in mind this is the show that's meant to take the place of Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, AND Legion of Super Heroes.
That's a tall order.
Sure JLU has been gone for a bit, but we just lost The Batman, and the LoSH series finale is this weekend. Legion should have been moved to Cartoon Network in addition to this new show. I really think it would have found a bigger audience there than it was able to on Kids WB.
And why on Earth would they go back to Ollie's old "Christmas costume"?
Don't get me wrong, looking over the show's credits, it all seems to be people I think are very talented.
I don't know.
I hope it's awesome.

In the end of my decline..

My parents are dead!! This one's like a summer guy.
These are hilariously fantastic to me.
Or fantastically hilarious.
Either way, what I'm saying is I like them.
More here.

With every step you take..

Apparently, you can't take Superman X.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How my fool heart aches..

A very happy home...

This was drawn on the paper tablecloth at an Italian restaurant on Madison. While trying to park we saw a dude urinating behind a bus stop. He was standing there weenis in hand looking at us trying to park.

Though not an official "comic" in the series It Never Stops Raining, this visit with Composite Superman was still brought to you by Curt Franklin & chrishaley.

I never thought..

My favorite part is going to be when he throws up in that helmet.
The new Wired has an article on the new Iron Man flick and "the Evolution of the Exoskeleton."
You might enjoy reading it as you get yourself ready for the unveiling of Project Rooftop's Iron Man : Invincible Upgrade contest winners.
Oh, and to a lesser extent, the movie itself.

Outside the norm..

Kind of a lame character, but a great figure.
This guy makes outstanding custom figures.
He made this Legion of Super Heroes Superman X that is probably as close as we're ever going to get to animated LoSH figures.


I want to go home..

Reasons To Keep Living

He's seen enough suffering for two lifetimes.
July 29, 2008.
For real.
Never let it be said that rock 'n roll dreams can't come true.
Exciting to a lesser extent are the same day releases of Tiny Toon Adventures : Season 1 Volume 1 and the WB's live-action Birds of Prey : The Complete Series.
If you're into watching commercials for DVDs, you can watch one for Tiny Toons and Freakazoid.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tears would make love grow..

Robin says, 'I’m not sure I’m ready to throw my body on top of a toddler today in order to ensure his survival.'
Robin is a friend of mine who moved away to Boston.
However, this does not mean she is any less of a Memphis girl at heart, or that she has lost one iota of her "Tiger Pride".
She has started a new blog called Dirty South, Displaced.
She's been writing about what the Tigers' basketball season means not just to her personally, but to the city itself and all of us that are a part of it.
This post (entitled I am going to throw up on my shoes) is especially well written and poignant and would be a great thing to let friends who aren't from Memphis read to understand what it's like to be from here a little better.

It Never Stops Raining

The depression today is that he's got The Clapper.
2. 5:42 AM

It Never Stops Raining is brought to you by Curt Franklin & chrishaley.

Under the million twinkling lights..

Shut up, The Spirit!
Blog announcement time.
Images around these parts will more than likely start carrying alternate text around with them.
Some already do.
Just giving you a warning.

Is there time enough for peace..

It refuses to stop with the raining here in Memphis, so I turn to the wit and wisdom of KC Green to sort it all out for me.

Monday, March 31, 2008

I need somebody..

No It Never Stops Raining today as I left my art stuff at home by accident.
To make up for it, I give you this terrible, un-colored, and hastily done on a Post-It Composite Superman.
Is he flying? Leaping? Ballet-ing?
I have no idea.
I'm sorry.

Bite all the sharpened tongues..

This one is the red one. And this is the blue guy.
Superman Red and Superman Blue.
Speaking of Superman figures, I found both of these guys at Target today.
They are also completely awesome.

Sometimes it seems like there's two sides to me..

Even though the series officially ended a week or two ago, that doesn't mean they can't keep making new toys.
Awesome toys.
Like this Superman.
This Superman that I own.
This Superman that I own two copies of... because I need one at home and one at work.