Friday, April 04, 2008

On a wave..

Boulder smashed you and your arm's hanging on by a string.
This is the kind of awesome shit you've been missing if you haven't been checking out Destination : Blog! as of late.

It also means you haven't seen the new daily series I've started over there called "chrishaley loves comics every day!". Every single day there's a new post from me showing an example of why I love comics. Think of it as a daily reminder of how awesome comics are. It's like one of those page-a-day calendars.. except it's comics not the wit and wisdom of Larry, the Cable Guy. And this is in addition to all the other great stuff Curt and Joel are doing over there. (Their posts are better than mine, so I have to make up for it with quantity.) So yeah, go check it out, and of course, don't forget that I'm fanatical about the alternate text over there as well.


Dylan said...

Oh man, I was really hoping that that Larry the Cable guy link here.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - Haha! Yeah, that's always the first thing I think of whenever anyone mentions LtCG.