Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pardon me..

SPX - The Expo
This is where Curt and I will be this weekend, pushing Let's Be Friends Again on the masses!
I'll probably be live-tweeting it on my Twitter account, so feel free to keep up with that if you like hearing about me talking to Bryan Lee O'Malley about Sloan.

While I'm on the subject of Let's Be Friends Again, LETSBEFRIENDSAGAIN.COM is now officially open for business!
Go check it out.

I don't know what you're doing..

Celebrities who don't want you to vote.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The steel industry collapsed..

Do not listen to this at work..

Bo Burnham.
Basically, this dude is a great rapper.
Definitely not work or family friendly, but I know of little rap that is.
Giving mc chris a run for the best white rapper title?

He's for every one of us..

Art by the amazing John Martz at & colors by me.
As is usually the case, I couldn't decide which version I liked better, so here are both.

I colored and posted this for three reasons.
1) I find great joy in doing simple little coloring jobs like this.
2) I wanted to point you towards if you weren't already aware.
3) News broke this morning that The CW has ordered a pilot for a Smallville style show about Robin before he was Robin called The Graysons.

Anyone have thoughts on any of this?

Won't you come on over..

James Kochalka celebrates the release of Mega Man 9!

He double majored in philosophy & drama..

Via Super Punch.

Does anyone else see this and feel like we are tantalizingly close to Kaneda's motorcycle becoming a reality?

Oh, wait, nevermind. Someone in Japan has already made one.
In fact, apparently a LOT of people have.
It is now my feeling that Ferrari is trying to rip off Kaneda's motorcycle.

So cool in that new Camaro..

Like some kind of revenge missile.
Okay, so Terence Stamp is my hero.
You'd think being General Zod would be enough, but he's also written three memoirs, a novel, and a cookbook.

Plus he was mentioned in the Kinks song, Waterloo Sunset.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The message is clear..

It made you, it made me..

- Original pencils for part of a chrishaley/Big*Red*Robot collaboration project.

- Someone found my blog by searching for "Boner Man Costume". I kid you not.
I am completely uncertain as to how I should feel about this.
Is this person planning on making a "Boner Man" costume for Halloween? If so, how can I insure that they send me pictures of said costume to post here?

- Two posts ago, I presented my review of Hulk #6, and apparently some people were not aware I employed some Photoshoppery to have the Hulk himself sum up my opinion of the issue.
It was supposed to be.. what do you call it.. funny.
I'll try to be more blatant with my "humor" next time.

Lightning shot from the sky..

All I'm trying to say is that is a fine looking movie poster.