Friday, March 07, 2003

"The First Steps of Our Tough Journey Together As Sin Brothers" - potential name for a band Edward and I would like to start some day... well, that's as accurate of a description for this as I can explain

Just added some new pictures.. see how you like them, won't you?

I just saw a video of Brock Lesnar doing the most impressive Shooting Star Press I've ever seen. I'm at a loss for words as to what this means for the state of the world in general. Monsters shouldn't be able to move like ballerinas or acrobats.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Don't even act like I don't need this.

The next song is "Somebody Else" by Bleu.

"L.A.P.D.: Let's all Perfect Dark" - Danny

Jack Black speaks and we listen.

So get this, I forgot to mention it earlier, but I'd like to thank you all for February of 2003. I say thank you, because though it was the shortest month of the year, it managed to shatter (and I do mean shatter, there was literally a mess to clean up... ok, not literally) the previous record for number of page hits in a month. It seems as though we're gaining more and more Friends of Hip Today and those friends seem to be telling other friends, who seem to be telling other friends, and so on and such and such. Anyway, the point is I really appreciate it, and I hope the trend of spreading the word about can continue, and I also hope that all of you know that you're always welcome to get in touch with me via any means necessary to let me know about something you think should be on here or that you'd like to see on here or that you want to alert the rest of the Hip Today audience to. That's poor grammar because I ended the sentence with a prepostion, but it's okay for me to do it since I know, and have acknowledged that fact.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Was the Apollo moon landing fake? (And why haven't we been back to the moon in 39 years?) An interesting website.

And for the other side of the argument, please feel free to give this the old once over.

And for a completely different argument about the moon, NASA, the government, and conspiracies involving the prior, go here.

Monday, March 03, 2003

"Only those who are bold enough to chase dreams are the ones who catch them." - a random quote I heard on a commercial

What's Your Movie Dream Car?
by Auto Glass America

Get this, Pat just sent me this link, and what do you know, they're making a Cowboy Bebop movie. It hits theaters April 4, but as per usual with movies that are only in select cities, it won't be playing anywhere near me. Check out the site though and watch the trailer and see if it's maybe playing somewhere near you... then go see it and let me know how it was.

How are ya?