Friday, February 09, 2007

Do you like good music?

So I added a playlist from over there to your right and then down just a bit.
Go ahead.
Click on it.
Get it going while you're perusing my business.
I don't even mind.
It'll make your visits here more enjoyable.

At the moment, it's THOR'S PLAYLIST.. in that it's songs Thor demands be played loudly. Hard rock, metal, really upbeat stuff. You get the idea.
The odds are very good that I'll make another one just below it that features good music that doesn't have to be listened to at any particular decibel level.

Seriously, give it a listen so that I haven't wasted my time making and embedding it.
That's the plain link for it should you want to check it out that way.

Oh, and by all means, if you make your own playlist let me know in the comments section.

In honor of Thor having his own playlist, here is a drawing of everyone's favorite God of Thunder. Sorry, Gene.

Shock me.

If you're ever in Cleveland, OH and in need of comics, this is the place I'd recommend. It was the best of the 4 or 5 I got to visit while I was there to see Sloan.

I also found that, if possible, it's good to have Ernie around to keep an eye on your things.

If you're in Cleveland and want pizza, I cannot possibly recommend Rascal House enough. It's downtown near CSU and I'd punch someone in the face right now to get to have lunch there today.

I didn't get to go to the science place pictured here, but it certainly looked like fun.

I also didn't get to go on this huge ship.

However, I DID get to go here...


Thursday, February 08, 2007

I feel great, I feel fine.

So here's a very quick, but slightly more polished version of my take on a Robin costume redesign.
Dean Trippe and I got into an "argument" over whether or not Robin has to have the color green in his costume.
I say he does.
The tunic and green in the original version of his costume (as well as the weird slippers, I suppose) are what tie him to Robin Hood. Design-wise at least.
I may be wrong, but since I was a wee-tiny chrishaley, it's been my belief that the codename/heroic identity of the original Robin was equal parts small bird and English folk-hero.
Am I alone in this belief?
So yeah, my design would bring back the red tunic, only now it would be over a green full bodysuit as opposed to a short sleeved quasi-unitard.
I completely agree with the current Robin costume that there's absolutely no reason for Robin's arms or legs to be bare.
I also kept the black gloves and the high collared black cape with yellow interior.
I didn't draw them here, but I planned on using some kind of cross between Robin's current boots and the version he wears on the animated Teen Titans.
This is officially far more than I intended or wanted to write about this little sketch.
My apologies.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Again with this.

Kasabian - Club Foot (Live)

My mornings are full.

boo_sm boo_nolines_sm
So here are two versions of Boo Berry I did in vector last week.
I can't decide which version I prefer.
I based it off some sketches I saw on someone else's blog, but I can't recall where for the life of me.
If you know, let me know.

Born to run.

So here are three versions of the same thing. It's a sketch of The Flash that Mike Wieringo posted on his blog. I decided to take a stab at coloring it in the slap-dash style I'm fond of lately. The first take is just flat colors. For the second I added a little more detail. The third is what my colors look like without the linework.
The end.
FLASHHEROES_copy Flash_coloured_v2 Flash_shapes