Friday, January 03, 2003

You can file this one under "Shows What Chris Haley Knows" because December ended up being Hip Today's biggest month ever! And this was after I had written the month off since after a really big start to the month things had slowed down considerably, and I just gave up on checking with the server stuff to see how the site was doing for the month. Then for some reason I checked it tonight and it turns out December just barely beat the old record. All I can say is thanks to all of you for making it happen.. but an even bigger thanks to those of you who have been "pimpin' the Hip" around to your friends and family and co-workers and so on. Please keep doing so. And since I know one person is keeping up with this, the seventh song is I'm Not Invisible by Rocket From The Crypt.

The first teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's new flick Kill Bill has just been released and can be viewed here. See what you make of it. I've only watched it once and my guess is this flick is either going to be fantastic and possibly QT's crowning achievement to date, or one huge cluster-F.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Adam has told me that I need to inform all of you that Dave Chappelle has a new show on Comedy Central. It starts on January 27th, so mark your calendars now.

Every now and then it's probably a good idea to read a fable. This one is called The Happy Prince.

This is why Penny Arcade is funnier than you: "If he combined the razor sharp wit that I know he has with the raw artistic talent we’ve all seen the man would be unstoppable. Like Juggernaut, only he wouldn’t have a suit or anything. I mean he could get a suit but he wouldn’t really need it. It would just be like for show." - Gabe

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Even though I wrote this, I still think it's kinda funny.

Random Pictures No. 6 has arrived for your viewing and looking at pleasure.

The sixth song is "Girls Own Love" by Andrew W.K.

"This next song is a song about not standing on the edge of the water when you can dive in." - Andrew W.K. on "I Get Wet"

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