Friday, June 13, 2008

It's back to me..

It's exactly what you think it is.
It's Darkseid versus Freddie Mercury ... who is a Green Lantern!
This was Curt's idea, and I actually sold (yes, sold) the original art for this at MoCCA.
I'd like to believe that this is the kind of wonderfulness you can expect to see (in a less copyright infringing way) from all of our future endeavors at and in Let's Be Friends Again.

Let's get lost..

I know I'm kinda burning through trailer links here and this one isn't even remotely comic book related, but I cannot wait for Burn After Reading.
Coen Brothers and roughly a million great actors?
Yeah, you can go ahead and sign me up.

Hell, while I'm at it, I might as well tell you I can't wait for Choke either.

I also saw a lot of posters for Bigger Stronger Faster* while I was in NY and even though I probably won't see it until it hits DVD, I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You tried playin' cool...

So, I just watched the trailer for WALL*E that has been airing during the NBA games and it made me realize that Pixar needs to make a multi-picture adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
Yeah, I know Disney just did one a few years ago, but I'm not satisfied.
It wasn't good enough.
I think the gang at Pixar are the only people who can finally get that story on the screen in all of it's glory and hilarity. I don't think they'd Hollywood it up in some of the ways the Disney version did and they'd be able to give it the visual scope and epic grandness that the BBC series didn't have the technology for in 1980-81.

I have spoken, now make it so internet!

'Cause I can't wait much longer..

All of my fanboy buttons are being bloody well pushed today.
I don't know how I could possibly be looking more forward to this movie/reason to make new action figures.

Action figures which I will buy.

With my moneys.

Go ahead go nuts..

Are you fucking kidding me?!
How great did that look?

I don't know if you got a man or not..

I am incredibly grateful for how often I find myself blessed with awesomeness.
This particular bit of excellence was drawn for me by the amazing Joel Carroll.

Don't tell me the world is in trouble..

As if I didn't want to go to SDCC badly enough as is.

Full recap/details/thoughts/pictures/decompression on MoCCA coming soon, I promise.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

New York City

I'm too melancholy for my own good sometimes.
It's really hot and sweaty here.
Smelly also.
I'm listening to Joey snore.
He's taken a ton of hella sweet pictures though.
Good first day of the show though.
I drew a bazilion Freddie Mercurys.