Sunday, June 08, 2008

New York City

I'm too melancholy for my own good sometimes.
It's really hot and sweaty here.
Smelly also.
I'm listening to Joey snore.
He's taken a ton of hella sweet pictures though.
Good first day of the show though.
I drew a bazilion Freddie Mercurys.



Maggie said...

dag! those suckers are CUTE.
its really hot a sweaty here too. so theres that to look forward to when you get home.

lets make a freddie mercury plush. lets go plush all over everyones asses.

jason quinones said...

crowded and smelly huh!

now you know how it feels! that's NYC for ya! sorry i couldn't make it down to mocca this weekend to show you some support, although i'm sure you guys were plenty busy. despite the heat(which is unseasonably brutal!)i hope you guys had a good time. did ypu make it out to brooklyn for the murakami exhibit?

Nancy Caroline said...

The neighborhood I lived in in London always smelled like ketchup. And for a few weeks, there was always vomit on the sidewalk somewhere between my house and the Tube.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Brutal is right, dude. I feel so bad for you now knowing what NY is like.
We were hell of busy, so it's okay that you weren't able to make it, but it's always nice to put faces with internet avatars and make friends in person. Maybe next year!
Unless this job offer at DC happens.
We didn't get to catch that exhibit or any of the others we had intended on seeing unfortunately.

chrishaley said...

Nancy Caroline - That almost made me throw up just imagining it.
Also, congratulations on surviving that few weeks.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Hey Chris -

I saw your post on Cameron Stewart's blog - would love to see the pieces you got from him. He did an awesome Hellboy for me that you can check out at my ComicArtFans gallery:

I saw a sweet looking Kitty Pryde and Lockheed he did for someone...

I also noticed you're a Queen fan! I'm a long time, big time Queen fan..what's with drawing Freddie Mercury's at the Mocca show!?? I only knew of Mike Dawson, who drew Freddie and Me drawing Freddie!

I also see you're friends with my bud, Jason Quinones!!

Rock on, brutha! Cool blog!


jason quinones said...

i'm sure we'll meet up someday soon at some con or something. i was looking forward to meeting you in person as well but things came up that weekend which had to be done so next time.

good luck on the dc gig. but then if you get it you'll have to deal with the daily grind that is NYC all the time! i wouldn't go so far as "to feel bad for me" for living here but it is hard sometimes, despite the fact that i was born here and have lived here my whole damn life!

shame about the marukami exhibit. i did take a few pics. i'll email them to you asap.

that heatwave was f'n something wasn't it!!

jason quinones said...

p.s. to justin:

the interweb is getting smaller everyday...

jason quinones said...

p.p.s. to chris:

how can i purchase your mini comic??

chrishaley said...

Justin - I plan on posting the pic he did for me as well as all the other art I got just as soon as I can get a second to catch my breath at work.. which may not be for a few days unfortunately. The place was apparently falling apart without me.

Pretty much everything I say Cameron do looked incredible, so I'm sure that Hellboy he did for you is hell of sweet.

As to why I was drawing so many Mr. Mercurys, the majority of our stuff that was supposed to be at the show didn't get shipped to us on time, so in an effort to fill up space on our table we started making funny signs. One of the signs that Curt came up with said "Free Sketch of FREDDIE MERCURY with Any Purchase!" because I'd drawn a sketch of Freddie for him once while we were at a bar. Also because we both think Queen is the best band ever. We didn't really think anyone would take us up on the offer, but boy-oh-boy did they ever.
I'll have pictures of some of the ones I did up here soon.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to continue doing so.. tell a friend even.

chrishaley said...

Jason - Well, in most cases, I'd just have to mail you a copy, but a guy from Jim Hanley's Universe bought a copy from us and then came back the next day and said they'd like to sell it in the store, so hopefully soon, you'll be able to just drop by there and pick up a copy.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Chris, I don't know how I missed that sign for the Freddie sketches....I would taken one for sure!

And yeh, Queen is definitely the greatest band evah!!! They Shall Reign Forevermore!!!

chrishaley said...

Justin - They certainly will if Curt and I have anything to say about it.
Oh, also, I forgot to mention that we both ended up talking to Mike Dawson after we found out he was there about Queen and comics and such, and not only was he cool about me doing Freddie sketches, he was supportive and encouraging about them. He even asked me to do one for him. I'll have to take a picture of the one he did for me.

If you live in NYC (like Jason), the comic will be at Jim Hanley's Universe soonish (hopefully) and you can pick a copy up there and then, when you do, let me know and I'll do a Freddie sketch for you.

Dylan said...

OMZ you guys are going to be totally famous.