Thursday, February 08, 2007

I feel great, I feel fine.

So here's a very quick, but slightly more polished version of my take on a Robin costume redesign.
Dean Trippe and I got into an "argument" over whether or not Robin has to have the color green in his costume.
I say he does.
The tunic and green in the original version of his costume (as well as the weird slippers, I suppose) are what tie him to Robin Hood. Design-wise at least.
I may be wrong, but since I was a wee-tiny chrishaley, it's been my belief that the codename/heroic identity of the original Robin was equal parts small bird and English folk-hero.
Am I alone in this belief?
So yeah, my design would bring back the red tunic, only now it would be over a green full bodysuit as opposed to a short sleeved quasi-unitard.
I completely agree with the current Robin costume that there's absolutely no reason for Robin's arms or legs to be bare.
I also kept the black gloves and the high collared black cape with yellow interior.
I didn't draw them here, but I planned on using some kind of cross between Robin's current boots and the version he wears on the animated Teen Titans.
This is officially far more than I intended or wanted to write about this little sketch.
My apologies.


josh said...

that's a great drawing. very much in the vein of jim mahfood, which is an immense compliment. also, i want to color that. do i have your permission?

chrishaley said...

Thanks, man.
By all means, color away.
I'll e-mail you a bigger copy.

josh said...

hey thanks!

also, in the future, my e-mail has changed, so use from now on. luckily, i still have access to the old one, until they decide to delete, so i got the bigger version. but yeah, just use the new e-mail from now on, and i'll see what i can do about delivering a badass robin to you.