Monday, March 31, 2008

Sometimes it seems like there's two sides to me..

Even though the series officially ended a week or two ago, that doesn't mean they can't keep making new toys.
Awesome toys.
Like this Superman.
This Superman that I own.
This Superman that I own two copies of... because I need one at home and one at work.


april said...

you have a problem. at least it isn't drugs though, right? :)

chrishaley said...

I started to end this post with the sentence "I have a problem."
No lie.

jason quinones said...

don't you need three? one to take out of the packaging to play with??

chrishaley said...

Jason - I opened the one I have at home and the packaged one is up on the wall by my desk at work.
I may switch this arrangement though.

Or buy a third one.

april said...

well, i only said that because you seem to say it so often :)