Thursday, November 07, 2002

I just wanted to say a quick little something about the new set of pictures from my birthday. I guess an apology is what I really wanted to make, because there were some people there who were a big part of the fun, and unfortunately I didn't get many or any pictures of some of them. It was just a situation where I was having too much fun and doing to many other things to be taking pictures as much as I would have liked to do. So I apologize to all of you if you went to look at the pictures and didn't see much of yourself. I'll try to do better next time.

This is going to be my new question when it comes to determining if a girl is a keeper or not.

Check out the new full trailer for Daredevil, starring our very own Ben Affleck. I'll be honest with you, the teaser trailer didn't really do much for me, but I held out the hope because I have faith in Benji, but after seeing this new trailer and the new poster I'm fully psyched for it. I will say though, that this trailer has some of the worst music choices I've ever heard. Shame on whomever is responsible. Shame I say. Shame.

For the WWE fans out there, check out this nice montage of some of the tracks from the new Anthology 3-disc set that's coming out Tuesday.

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