Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It makes me feel so fine..

You know, you can say whatever you want about Alex Ross, and I'm well aware people do, but I think this cover he did for X-Men #500 is completely awesome.


jason quinones said...

technically speaking, ross is an extremely good artist. i like his stuff but not as much as i used too. i think he's just saturated the market with his work and a lot of people are just tired of looking at it.

i also think the same people who rag on his work are the same people who hate on boris vallejo and julie bell's stuff. again, both are insanely talented artists technically but their stuff is so heavily referenced and "realistically" painted that it takes all the "life" out of the work making it look stiff and boring.

this piece is pretty damn sweet though because of the perspective. ross is damn good at perspective shots.

Dylan said...

Alex Ross is the Joe Satriani of comicbookery. Technically prodigious, but totally uncool.

Sean George said...

Dude. There's an Alex Ross Havok! Paint me impressed now.

M.Sea said...

I like Ross. I won't buy stuff becuase of him anymore, but if he does something with a character I like, it's cool.