Friday, April 11, 2008

Come on and..

Not $40 awesome, but pretty awesome.
Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile can be seen here.

EDIT : Oops! I didn't know John had already posted about these guys over at Super Punch. I assume most of you check out Super Punch on a regular basis, so sorry if you're seeing this a second time.


jason quinones said...

it's very cool and cute but way too damn much money for a plastic dust collector.

the whole vinyl toy craze has gotten too rich for my poor blood.

although i did buy a very cool "The Mighty Skullboy" figure from dark horse for the reasonable price of 20 bucks. it's still in the box and on my desk at work. i'd link a picture of it here if i knew how to.


chrishaley said...

Jason - Yeah, you said it, man.
If these were 8" or maybe even 6" I could consider getting one or possibly two of them, but $40 for something that's only 4" tall just seems like a total rip.
(I'm sure someone's going to make that last sentence into some kind of sexual joke.)

I've managed to steer mostly clear of the vinyl toy craze with the exception of the Gorillaz that KidRobot made.

jason quinones said...

those gorillaz figures are pretty damn sweet!

and big too! so that's a justifiable purchase!

chrishaley said...

I had them on display at my old place..

M.Sea said...

I read it as being $29 US. Oh, well, either way it's too pricey for a "toy".