Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Take us for cola...

Today's new comic over at Let's Be Friends Again is based on an actual conversation between Curt and I that really stuck with me. I then told Curt we should make it into a comic. Such is the nature of the collaboration. The portions featuring crying, pleading, and more crying have, of course, been omitted so as to keep things as light as a summer's breeze around these parts.

Rob Liefeld was not the original funeral portrait artist, and even though making fun of Rob is like shooting apples in a barrel (full of apples), it was classier than Curt's original joke.
The original joke was probably funnier, but we are nothing if not classy.

The part of today's comic that features me requesting something of Curt is 100% true as it really is something I made Curt promise me.
Seeing how he's going to handle things though, perhaps I should try to institute some further stipulations.

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