Monday, November 10, 2008

Part of the masterplan..

Lest anyone try to tell you otherwise, this is a TERRIBLE idea.
These were being eaten in my office, and people were throwing up.
Who's ready for lunch, yeah?


Rob Christianson said...

Based on their nasty Harry Potter flavors, no doubt. When the wife and kids and I went back to visit her inlaws in Wisconsin, we toured the Jelly Belly factory with Grandma and Grampa... I got some hilarious video of my son and Gramps eating the Dirt, Vomit, Grass, Ear Wax, etc... funny funny stuff!

chrishaley said...

Rob - What I need to know is how they get the things to taste like these awful flavors! I guess I should be just as amazed that they can make good flavors, but how it's achieved is really a mystery I'd like solved.
I bet those videos are hilarious.

april said...

i think the people in the meat-substitute industry need to hire the people at jelly belly to make my tofurkey and veggie burgers taste like the real thing. assuming, of course, that it doesn't end up giving me cancer.