Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well then let's still do that...

So over at Newsarama there's
a preview up of the next issue of The Flash.

Following the preview is a good bit of debate over Daniel Acuña's art.

A lot of the people posting in Newsarama's forums don't care for his art for some reason. I don't know that the Newsarama forums are any kind of indication of the real feelings of the entire comic buying populace, but it's still really surprising to me that everyone isn't a huge fan.
I wonder if the people who don't like Acuña are the same people that defend the artistic ability of Michael Turner or think Ed Benes' Justice League looks incredible.
I think some people are scared of how Acuña's art isn't just black lines with colors then neatly applied inside those lines. Comic fans tend to be a cowardly, superstitious lot.. wait. Comic fans seem to be afraid of changes. New things. Things that are different. As far as comics go, I mean.

I wonder if Newsarama had been around back when Alex Ross hit the scene if people would have been complaining about his take on the Human Torch not being red with black lines all over him the way Kirby did it.

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