Friday, September 21, 2007

I was hellbent...

I saw Godzilla : Final Wars again last night, and in celebration of this I'm reposting my musings on the flick from my inital viewing way back in February 2006.


Other notes while watching Godzilla : Final Wars....

- Monster X is one of the best giant monster designs I've seen in a long time.
- Gigan v2.0 may very well be the worst monster design/redesign ever.
Mothra is really fast, but quite vulnerable.
Anguirus makes a great soccer ball, and the G-Man is quite a goalie.
Ebirah learned quite harshly that Godzilla is not a fan of seafood.
- Godzilla has similar feelings towards pollution. Poor
Zilla (or G.I.N.O. as some people call him) looked great. Toho can do some mighty fine CGI.
King Seesar is as cute as a puppy sometimes.
- Though it was neat to see
King Ghidorah, I hated how he ended up in the movie. As an aside, I think it's ridiculous that KG is one of Godzilla's most powerful foes.
- Mothra ain't going out like no punk ass bitch.
- I hadn't really been familiar with
Manda before this flick, but I feel like he/she/it should be much more popular in Japan.
- Almost every scene that doesn't feature a giant monster is completely worthless to me.

In conclusion, Godzilla : Final Wars was awesome!

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