Monday, September 10, 2007

Nothing could go wrong.

Sometimes life feels unbearable.
Inescapable and undefeatable.

Then, sometimes, every once in a great while, life goes out of it's way to show you indisputably that it can be wonderful and beautiful and magical.

Sometimes you have to take the little good things as they come when you can get them, but then they start to add up.

I step outside to come to work and it's not unbearably hot.
I check
Joel's site and he has Metamorpho hanging out with Hal Jordan and Stephanie Brown.
Iron Man trailer is awesome.
I read a synopsis of the (rumored) plot for the next Superman movie along with the (rumored) news that the pitch for it Bryan Singer and company has everyone very, very excited. I am part of that everyone.
As I'm driving through a retail center near where I work, I see several little birds splashing around in the little puddles of water in the parking lot. I don't even like birds, and it was absolutely adorable. I don't know if birds can have fun, but if they can, it definitely seemed like these birds were. Hopping and splashing and shaking and chirping.
I go to Taco Bell for lunch and the girl taking my order is incredibly courteous and professional even though she's working the drive-thru at Taco Bell.. in Memphis.
As I'm exiting the drive-thru, for whatever reason, I look in the windows of Taco Bell.
I see this adorable blond-headed little boy who's probably only 2 or 3 eating with his mom.
It looks like he's wearing a shirt that's red in the back and blue in the front.
Wait, that's not the back of the shirt that's red.
That's a cape.
Then he stands up in his chair suddenly for some reason.
That's an S.

Like I said, sometimes life decides to go the other way and give you some hope.


Nathan said...

to top it off- Kings of Kong opens in Nashville this weekend. I talked to Curt- and I think we are going to try to get a group together. Let us know if you are interested in going Saturday.

Sean George said...

To make it even better, I have a bootleg copy of said movie

chrishaley said...

Well, I do like Nashville, but I also like the idea of watching it at home the day after a party.