Monday, September 10, 2007

I can't stand it..

Iron Man Triumphant!
Photo provided by me. Minimates for photo also provided by me.
the trailer for Iron Man is finally available to all of those who didn't see it on the Con circuit.
Though I attended SDCC, I didn't get to see it because the only panel I attended was the Episodic Gaming panel.. thank you very much, Curt.

Anyway, the trailer. Wow.
I never would have guessed in a million years this was a movie anyone would be able to pull off well, but all signs point to awesome if this trailer is any indication.
Of course, I know a 90 sec trailer and a 90 minute movie leaves a lot of room to screw the proverbial pooch, but as far as trailers go this one has me on board as much as any I can remember in recent memory has.

Well played, Favreau, well played.


Curt Franklin said...

Using the Black Sabbath song is so, so unbelievably awesome.

Joel Priddy said...

I laughed very hard and very long when the song started up. Thing is, I was simultaneously laughing at the reference, and how incredibly cool it was to see the gray suit busting out just like in the first comic, and at how silly this looks to the non-geek portions of my brain--the bits that don't immediately accept that the logical response to being left by terrorists in a room full or equipment is building a robot suit. I was laughing with and at in exact equal amounts. But then there was the bit with the red-and-gold suit flying with the fighter planes, and all non-geek parts of my brain went off-line.

I'm there. I'm dragging the wife. I'll apologize later.