Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It was the start of the summer..

April has updated her blahg again.
Feel free to peruse it.

The universal and resounding indifference my Kid Flash redesign was met with has me both puzzled and pensive.


Sean George said...

I still think you should do what I told you with Impulse clones and all those extra costume designs you had. Just 'cause.

chrishaley said...

Oh, yeah!
I forgot about that.
It's a great idea, so I agree, I should do that.
You should come up with comic ideas more often.

Joel Priddy said...


Apologies for not commenting on your Kid Flash. But after a week of 'em on P:R, I was pretty well drained of interesting comments. It's a fun design with a great sense of character. And nice shoes.

chrishaley said...


It wasn't a call for praise or a compliment fishing trip, but as always, your words are welcome and humbly appreciated.
My real question is what you think of the shirtless jogging Flash.
I fully expect that one to guarantee my call to the Big Leagues.