Saturday, April 19, 2003

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate Easter, and Happy Chocolate Rabbit Day to those of you who do not.

If you've got a Nokia phone, and you like video games, this might interest you.

So I took a pretty good spill on my skateboard Friday night while we were hanging around after the movie.
And of course everyone saw, and that's fine, because when you skate you're gonna fall down from time to time.
Point is, of those people that saw, Josh was one of them. And he laughed. Which is fine because I wasn't hurt, so it's funny.
Everyone was free to laugh, but if anyone else did I didn't hear it because Josh's big, fake, I'm so pleased to see something bad happen to Chris Haley laugh was all I could hear.. well that and the sounds of me hitting the ground and different parts of me scraping the blacktop.
Anyway, then for the rest of the night he was saying stuff about how it had made his night, and how great it was, and how glad he was that he had been there to see it, etc.
So that was pretty cool of him.

You know, if I was a dude living in Eternia (good or bad), I imagine I'd probably be pretty scared if I saw a huge blonde guy glowing and yelling in a thunderous echoing voice, "I have the power!"

I like The Simpsons and Kevin Smith. If you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance you do as well. So as you can imagine, this little clip made me smile.

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