Friday, December 07, 2007

He's a demon on wheels..

UPDATE : Please let me know if this video is or is not working for you.


Dylan said...

By "not working for you" do you mean it's not playing or it causes very little excitement for the film?

chrishaley said...

Well, I meant "not playing" but I think I prefer your alternate meaning now.
I'm unable to get the thing to load properly, so I was wondering if everyone else was having the same problem. I figure it's not loading for me because I'm at work.

Dylan said...

I got it to play. And I wasn't all that excited by it (but then again, I have no sort of connection to Speed Racer. Weep for me.).

Then I got all kinds of excited because I thought that that was Crispin Hellion Glover as Racer X. Then I realized it was just Matthew Fox.

So... square one, I guess.

Joel Priddy said...

Alright, I was not getting your excitement over this movie, until now. That looks 4-color fantastic!

I mean, okay, the acting looks pretty stiff, but Hugh Jackman seems to be the only guy capable of acting through the Wachowski Bros' direction, so no surprises there. I just hope the whole movie is about 90 more minutes of the trailer's over-saturated, over-edited pop craziness.

John Goodman and Susan Sarandon are fun casting, but I agree that Crispin Glover would have been much more heartening than Matthew Fox.

chrishaley said...

Joel - Hugh Jackman?

From everything I've heard I think 90-120 minutes of visual insanity is what we can expect, and that excites me greatly.
I'm beginning to think that a FOURTH WORLD movie could possibly be in the realm of possible possibilities now.

Joel Priddy said...

Oy! Hugo Weaving! How the hell did I type "Hugh Jackman?"

It's funny you mention the Fourth World. I was just thinking that it would make a great opera.

So, we have a pitch the Wachowski's first musical.

chrishaley said...

Joel - Hugo Weaving as Metron.

We're going to be so very rich.