Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm losin' it...

Ahh, comics.
I haven't done so in a while, so I thought I'd post some quick reviews.
Very quick reviews.

Death of the New Gods #3
Every bit as awful as it looks.

New X-Men #Whatever : Messiah Complex Part Something
Who the hell cares?

Sub-Mariner #6
The only reason anyone even noticed this comic exists is because of Namor's crotch-fist on the cover. Well played, Mr. Turner.

Invincible #46
As usual, this book is great and feels like it's only 5 pages long. I need more Invincible every month.

Blue Beetle #21
DC to readers : Spectre still around! Also still black guy!

Thunderbolts #118
Marvel to readers : This (bad) joke of a story is still going! Please care!

Lord Havok and the Countdown Blah-bibbity-blah!
DC to readers : This is a real comic! Really!

Spider-Man : One More Day Part 3
The middle-aged men in charge of Marvel to readers : We're having our mid-life crisis and we're taking you with us!

Green Lantern Corps #18
DC to readers : Isn't this Sinestro Corps War awesome? Please care about Sodam Yat! Please? PS - Fuck Kyle Rayner.

Batman #671
Ra's al Ghul, who's whole deal is that he keeps coming back from the dead, has come back from the dead again. For some reason we're supposed to care.
Also, Tony Daniels? Really? Really? I'm sure Grant Morrison's loving that.

All Star Batman #8
Frank Miller continues to write one of the worst comics ever.

Jim Lee continues to draw it with a straight face.
DC continues to pay them both truckloads of money for it.
Even if you're enjoying the comic on an ironic level and treating it as a comedy/parody, it still reads like it was written by a group of 8-13 year olds trying to make it sound tough and cool.
Child writer to bully : "Comics are not for little kids! Look at how many swear words Batman can say!"


Dylan said...

Why Michael Turner has a career as anything beside the guy ho cleans up fish guts at SeaWorld is totally beyond me. Why is he the go-to guy for covers all of the sudden? Things like this give me ulcers.

Dylan said...

Sorry, that should read "guy who cleans up" though "guy ho" works just as well, I guess.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - That's hilarious.