Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Does yer dog bite?

I've been working on some sketches of Spider-Man.

Well, Peter Parker more specifically.
I have this idea that he should always have messy hair from wearing that mask.
I'm happy to hear what you think.


april said...

i vote for #2!

except that it almost looks to handsome to be peter parker. but that's ok. it's still good :)

Sean George said...

They both kind of vaguely resemble Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Serenity.

chrishaley said...

Sean - Oh, wow. You're right! I was seriously trying to figure out who the first one reminded me of with no luck. You have solved the riddle.
Nathan Fillion is awesome.

Dylan said...

I'm voting for #2, mainly because he looks like he knows he's awesome but can never tell anyone how awesome he really is. Which is Spidey's curse, really. Well, that and the whole "he's responsible for his uncle's death because he's a selfish no good so & so."

Odd Josh said...

you already know my thoughts on these. but i think i'm voting for #2 based on dylan's reasoning. peter parker is kind of a smug SOB in that second pic, as he should be.

chrishaley said...

Dylan & Josh - You guys make a compelling argument.