Sunday, December 09, 2007


My favorite music video since Blur's Coffee & TV.


Dylan said...

Definitely a classic. But have you seen this yet? It has a cat being decapitated and a rainbow flying from its stump, so that's approximately 3% radder than anything ever.

I've had some Junior Senior on the brain lately. My wife is threatening to murder me in my sleep if I sing "Can I Get Get Get" one more time. So if I disappear from the internets, you know why. It was not an accident, no matter what the coroner's report says.

chrishaley said...

Dylan - I had not seen it before, but I definitely enjoyed it. That bit at the beginning with the circles popping up to the music had a fun Sesame Street feel to it.

"Can I Get Get Get" has a pretty fun video too.

I'll make sure the D.A. gets that sealed envelope you sent me if you come up missing.

Dylan said...

My headless corpse would thank you if it wasn't missing its head.