Sunday, December 09, 2007

Let's pretend we don't exist..

It's time for some more random photo phun.

French film magazine CineLive has a new shot of Christian Bale as The Dark Knight.
Is it just me or does this new version of the suit look a little too busy?

Amazon spills the beans, yet again, on an exciting upcoming (and previously unannounced) release.

And while we're on the subject of The King, this may be one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
Drawn by Jack Kirby.
Inked by Darwyn Cooke.
The only way it could be any better was if he was
riding Devil Dinosaur.


jason quinones said...

not sure what to think of the new bat suit.

part of me thinks it's over kill, too many layers of nonsensical bits and pieces,but...
part of me thinks it looks "knightly" with the chain mail bits underneath it all.

i'll reserve final judgement when the flick comes out.

jason quinones said...

and yeah,it's jack kirby and all but...
that superman piece has too much spread eagled underoos action dead center in the middle of the page!

it's like his crotch is a black hole vortex!

"it's a bird, it's a plane, it's my nuts in your face!"

chrishaley said...

Jason - I hadn't thought of "knight" connection with the new suit, but now that you say that it makes a lot of sense. I still don't know if I like it though. Your wait and see approach seems very reasonable. I think I'll probably adopt it as well.

chrishaley said...

Jason (Pt. 2) - I've just come to accept (and expect) those big spread eagle shots he'd do.

april said...

guh! i'm with the "too busy" crowd regarding that suit. he's Batman, folks. he doesn't NEED all them fancy pants.


Dylan said...

Yes, the bat suit is busy. But at least there's no bat-nipples, right? What's the purpose of the fake six- (well, in this example four-) pack?

And I say "aw, hecks yeah," to an OMAC collection.

I bet that if you titled a post with "Spread-Eagled Underoos Action!" you would get an amazing amount of APT ( = Accidental Pervert Traffic). I'm pretty sure that was some guy's AIM handle on that "To Catch A Predator" show.

jason quinones said...


now i gotta come up with a new AIM handle!


chrishaley said...

Dylan - I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of traffic jump I get now.

chrishaley said...

April - You're hilarious.