Friday, December 14, 2007

Cloverfield Trailer


Odd Josh said...

i'm really pumped for this movie, and like the sucker that i am, i've been following their viral marketing campaign since it debuted during the summer. excited is a word that very easily describes me.

also, the new batman trailer will debut at the below URL on sunday. there was a crappy quality video on YouTube earlier today, but it got yanked. Here's my thoughts on Heath Ledger's Joker: I got chills, man.

chrishaley said...

That is exciting.
I'll be looking forward to Sunday.

Dylan said...

Okay, so I'm creeped out. I'm pretty sure we posted this at roughly the same time. (My timestamp is fake to fool my boss. I am crafty.)


chrishaley said...

Dylan - Great minds.

jason quinones said...

meh. i don't know yet.

i feel like i fell for this already. it was called blair witch project and I LOATHED THAT MOVIE!!

granted,different subject matter but the "POV through the shaky portable cam" doesn't appeal to me.

plus, i'm getting pretty tired of seeing my town being destroyed to shit in the movies.

monsters,zombies,aliens, asteroids,tidal waves,snowstorms,global warming...did i miss anything???

chrishaley said...

Jason - Marshmallow men.

Dylan said...

Chris, I lol'd just then.

And Jason, it's (allegedly) friggin' Godzilla-Cthulu destroying NYC. Godzilla-Cthulu. What's not to know about?

And as far as the destruction of NYC goes, I heard they were originally going to have the monsterwhatever destroy Detroit, but nobody could have told the difference.

Detroit - you just got served! Oh yes I did.

jason quinones said...

chris- yep. forgot all about mr. staypuft and gozer the gozarian. i will hang my head in shame.

dylan-hollywood usually fails to live up to whatever my mind's eye would like to see when it comes to movie monsters nowadays.

the modern day matthew broderick godzilla that trashed nyc was pretty cheesy. i dunno if a few tentacles thrown on that is gonna impress me enough to drop a few hamiltons at my local theater.

and detroit looks trashed already!
the monster would step one foot down,look around,shrug and go back thinking "i musta been here already!"

sorry detroit.

chrishaley said...

Detroit - Ya got burnt.