Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Searching for the reason..

You can rearrange the letters in "Chris Haley" into "Ash lyric, eh?"
That is awesome.

I guess it helps to know Ash is one of my top five favorite bands of all time.


Joel Priddy said...

I once figured out an anagram from my name was "Rip us dead, jolly god."

april said...

i am so bored at work that i decided to figure out what joel's middle name was based on his above comment. it's Douglas! am i right? :)

april said...

these were my favorites:

Materialise, leper!
Arise, lame reptile!
aerial elite sperm
ere i stir llama pee

chrishaley said...

You both join me in winningness.

Joel Priddy said...

Good job with the reverse anagramation, April! Together, we're starting to tell an interesting story:

Rip us dead, jolly god! Arise, lame reptile!

I wonder how it ends!